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May 20, 2003
well, i was always thinkink
how many years a player can play??

we see most ppl say 24 years and less are young and need time
to be better...

and when they reach 30 , they say they r old , and should go
for smaller teams or retire soon..

mmm, so that leave us only with 6 years of players age?
do u think this is enough??

i think the player real start can be from 17 or 18, and we can give him till
22, so he can give what we want from him...
and from 22 till 26 he will get more expierince so he can have his own
26-32 , this best age of a player, mintaly and physicly..

and after that , lets say 32 - 37, those ppl are not dead yet, and got many things to give, they have the expierince, they can help in the difficulf times,
they will give the support for the young ppl, and they now what to do
and where and when...

so i think age doesnt kill a player , injuries do. look to carboni in valencia, he is 39 i guess , and he still faster and better more than most of yound defenders in the world.. we have ferrara, he is 37 , and still one of our best defenders, and a real fighter, i feel more safe when he is in these more thanc other ppl, di livio, b4 he stop playing , or maybe he does with other teams, i never saw him after fironitina, he was 35 on that time, and god,
he was really fast and never gets tired and do exactly what u want from him and more...

so why u all ppl say, sell nedved he is getting old , also thuram, and the others.. i know that they cant last,,, but they can keep there form...
as i blieve only injuries can effect the form of the player, and as long
as he dont get many serious injuries, and they work to keep their form , they can survive..

im not talking here about juve player , im talking in giniral...

and god , i wrote so much:D

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Dec 23, 2002
++ [ originally posted by bahraini ] ++
so i think age doesnt kill a player , injuries do.
Sure ... look at milan they are not dead ... their defenders are all above 33 (except Nesta) and no one can pass through them


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Mar 26, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Ahmed ] ++

Sure ... look at milan they are not dead ... their defenders are all above 33 (except Nesta) and no one can pass through them
Actually, lately the Milan defense is suffereing. They let in two against Chievo and one against Modena. Hell, they let in one against Juve. Dont be suprised to see Milan concede some goals before the end of this season. If you want a good defense, look at Roma. They have the best record this season.

On the topic of age: Some of hte best players in the world, were in the PRIME during their mid 20's. Exampes are Del Piero, Ronaldo, Rivaldo etc.


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Nov 16, 2001
A player with extreme talent can start in a team like Juventus at the age of 17.
Obviously some players manage to play until they are almost 40. But only if you are a defender. An attacker can play until he is about 32.


Sep 23, 2003
The cover story of this month's issue of Calcio 2000 is "I Grandi Vecchi" -- basically, an analysis of the greater numbers of good, aging players in Serie A.

Some of the more interesting stats in the issue...

For each team this season: number of players over age 30, median age:
Ancona - 11, 28yrs
Bologna - 8, 28yrs
Brescia - 5, 23.5yrs
Chievo - 4, 25yrs
Empoli - 5, 24yrs
Inter - 14, 26yrs
Juve - 10, 26.5yrs
Lazio -14, 26yrs
Lecce - 2, 22yrs
Milan - 10, 26.5yrs
Modena - 13, 26yrs
Parma - 5, 22yrs
Perugia - 8, 25yrs
Reggina - 4, 25.5yrs
Roma - 7, 24yrs
Samp - 12, 26yrs
Siena - 9, 26yrs
Udinese - 5, 25yrs

Interesting to note that, for our many complaints about the age of the Juve defense, we're about dead even with Milan in overall age and in the number of players over 30. Meanwhile, Parma's youth squad should come as no surprise. But the scary piece is Roma -- check out their median age of just 24.

Also, the median age of the Juve squad over the years:
1996-1997: 25.5yrs
1997-1998: 26yrs
1998-1999: 29yrs (!! no wonder why we were lame)
1999-2000: 27yrs
2000-2001: 27yrs
2001-2002: 25.5yrs
2002-2003: 27yrs
2003-2004: 26.5yrs

God, I love Calcio 2000....

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