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Feb 22, 2019
End of their careers:

Novak - 25 GS.
Nadal - 24 GS.
Federer - 20GS
There's no chance for that. Novak ain't going to win 25 slams lol. He won 2 last year, might win 2 this year MAX and he's at 17 by now, so it would mean pretty much 2 slams per year till he's something like 36. Nadal should still be favourite to win RG this year, but even that might be like 55-45 with Thiem and 2021 RG it should already be Thiem's. Federer has a small chance for 1 more, but it should come this year at Wimbledon, which i think won't happen. If anything, i think they will end up having something like:

Novak 21
Nadal 21
Federer 20

Federer is definitely weakest of these 3, he's my favourite and will always be but he literally got most of his slams before those 2 arrived to the scene. After they all have been on the scene, Federer has won what like 8 slams after he turned to 27 or something, which IMO is pretty terrible and it's just because of Nadal/Novak just being better players overall.

Thiem is definitely a top dog now, especially on the slower courts and he's atleast toe-to-toe with Nadal, even if it's RG. Wimbledon and US Open are still far away for Thiem. He would need to adjust his game to be more close to the baseline, it's doable but will see how it turns out but atleast this year he won't be able to fight for the win besides RG.

Graz to Nole for the win, what a champion.

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