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Plusvalenza Akbar
Nov 8, 2005
A ridiculous mismatch - Jones was literally toying with DC for a while there.

As much as I try to bring myself to see DC as a champion-level fighter, I just cannot. Only reason why he ever got to carry that belt was Jones' own stupidity outside the ring.


Dec 14, 2009
Damn GSP controlled the fight, wonder boy was solid. Great three title fights, what a event 217 was one to remember it's been awhile really good fight tonight.


Senior Member
Jan 8, 2006
Did anyone apart me see this ? :D

I saw it last second and didn't see the sponsor and thought it was a Newcastle jersey or something. lol
What if I told you the guy with Juventus shirt was none other than AbuGadanzieri.

I got the shirt signed by Joanna before the weigh ins. She is a Juventina and she was absolutely thrilled to see the Juve shirt.

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