The future of Juventus and Agnelli's plan:increasingly worried (1 Viewer)

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Mar 22, 2020
Hi,I am a big Juventus fan but I am very worried about the future of the club that I feel part of me. Let's leave aside the consequences of the Corona virus which, however, will be very heavy. I did not understand the development strategy that Agnelli has in mind. I did not understand the crazy renewal at 12 million a year up to 36 years in Bonucci, the multimillion dollar renewals in Pjanic, Cuadrado, AlexSandro, Matuidi, Khedira all over 29, The only thing I fully agree with is the change of logo that has allowed the club to create casual clothing lines and therefore to expand the market. The problem is what clubs like Real, Barca are doing, investing 600 million each in the modernization and expansion of Bernabeu and CampNou which will allow them to collect at least three times the Juve. Juve in 2005 had almost the same revenues as the 2 Spanish. Real, for example, from 2001 to 2006 invested 127 million in Bernabeu to increase revenues, Juve zero enough to force Giraudo to threaten his resignation.I believe that the Elkann Agnelli family with all the relationships it has with the banks could have and it could do much more for the development of Juventus and a hotel and a concept store dedicated to e-sports cannot be enough, both financed Not by exor but built with the company's cash, to get closer to the Spanish clubs, to Bayern and to the English clubs who every year that passes will be richer than Juventus FC.


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Jan 15, 2015
Juventus is dead, whatever happens to JJ...I couldn't care less. Everything about this club is revolting at the moment.

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