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Jul 12, 2002
MONACO (Reuters) - Bayern Munich and AC Milan, who have won the European Cup nine times between them, were drawn in the same Champions League group while nine-times winners and defending champions Real Madrid take on AS Roma.

Hitzfeld: Faces Milan mission
Manchester United, winners in 1999, play last season's losing finalists Bayer Leverkusen in group F with Olympiakos Piraeus of Greece and Maccabi Haifa, the first Israeli side to reach the lucrative Champions League.

Bayer Leverkusen's commercial manager Reiner Calmund said: 'I have mixed feelings about the draw. I don't know Haifa, but I'm aware that they've made life difficult for Italian sides in the past. We need to take them seriously,' Bayer Leverkusen's commercial manager Reiner Calmund.

Jacob Shachar, president of Maccabi Haifa: 'I have always supported Manchester United and they are my favourite overseas team. I was desperately hoping that we would be drawn against them.

'I am just absolutely delighted for my club and for Israeli football that we are in the Champions League for the first time and this can only benefit football in my country which has been steadily improving over the last five or 10 years.

'It is extremely unfortunate that we have to play our home matches in Cyprus but that is the situation now.'

Real Madrid were handed a fairly easy start to the defence of their title when they were drawn on Friday to play AS Roma, AEK Athens and Genk of Belgium in the Champions League's opening group phase.

Real, who became European champions for a record ninth time last season, were also drawn in the same first stage group as Roma last season, winning 2-1 away and drawing 1-1 at home.

Oddly the only one of the four in the group who won their league championship last season was the most inexperienced club of all in European terms -- Genk. Real finished third in Spain, Roma were second in Italy and AEK runners-up in Greece.

'I have to admit it could have been much worse and we could have drawn stronger teams so we can't complain,' said Real Madrid general manager Emilio Butragueno.

Deportivo Coruna of Spain and RC Lens of France make up group G with Bayern, winners in 2001, and AC Milan.

Deportivo coach Javier Irureta was not optimistic about his side's chances of progressing.

'Phew, it is an incredibly strong group, let's see if we can get out of it. Bayern are very strong at the moment and have already played three league matches so it is an exceptionally tough opener against them.

Bayern chairman was rubbing his hands in anticipation of sell-out crowds at the Olympic stadium in Munich.

'I'm personally really looking forward to the game against Milan, with Rivaldo and Co in the Olympic Stadium. It'll be a sell-out,' Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, chairman of Bayern Munich.

Borussia Dortmund and PSV Eindhoven, who have both won the top club trophy in Europe once, will play Arsenal and AJ Auxerre of France in group A.

'It's a strong and attractive group which promises much. The clubs are also ones that are fans can realistically reach. Our goal is passage to the second round. We simply have to do that,' said Michael Zorc, commercial manager of Borussia Dortmund.

Frank Arnesen, technical director of PSV Eindhoven: 'The fact that the transfer market has been in a coma for the last year has benefited us hugely, as we have been able to hang on to our best players like Mark van Bommel and the others.

'We know all about Arsenal and it will be even more interesting because they have Dutchmen Dennis Bergkamp and Giovanni van Bronkhorst. It should be a fascinating series of games in the group.'

Jean-Claude Hamel, chairman of Auxerre: 'It's a good draw because we do not have too far to travel for any of the matches and although we are the underdogs it gives us a chance to avenge defeats by Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund in the past.'

Valencia, losing finalists in 2000 and 2001, play four-times winners Liverpool, Spartak Moscow and Basel in group B.

Valencia coach Rafael Benitez: 'It isn't the best or the worst group in the competition. We all know how powerful Liverpool are. Playing a Russian team before the winter break is tough and although Basel may appear easier they knocked out Celtic and we will have to be very careful against them.'

'It is a difficult group but it is one we can get out of if we play well in all the matches,' said wing back Jamie Carragher.

'In England, you have just a fantastic atmosphere at the matches. On the other hand, I'm happy to avoid Galatasaray -- travelling to Istanbul is no fun, it's more like an extreme,' Spartak captain Yegor Titov.

Titov's team mate, Vladimir Beschastnykh: 'Among the top seeds to draw Valencia is the best possible solution.'

Barcelona, 1992 champions, should qualify comfortably from group H where they play Galatasaray, Lokomotiv Moscow and Club Bruges.

Anton Parera, Barcelona director-general: 'At first sight it appears an easier draw than last year so we are quite happy.'

'Even if looking at the group our chances (of qualification) look high, we still have to work hard, keep our motivation up and be very, very well prepared,' Galatasaray official Ozer Saracoglu said.

'I don't have any desire to travel to Turkey. We still have bad memories from the atmosphere in Istanbul the last time we played there against Besiktas (in the Champions League qualifier in 2000),' said striker Ruslan Pimenov.

Group D is composed of Inter Milan, French club Olympique Lyon, Dutch giants Ajax Amsterdam and Norway's Rosenborg Trondheim.

Inter Milan vice-president Giacinto Facchetti: 'For us it's fine like this. Among the 32 teams that qualified there were easier and more difficult opponents.'

'They (Rosenborg) are ahead with their preparations because the Norwegian championship is well under way. Recently they have always done well. But, having played the qualifier, we're already in good form.'

'We cannot complain about the draw. I'm glad anyway that we didn't get drawn in group C,' said goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg. 'I expect Inter and Lyon will want to play football.'

Newcastle United got a tough draw in Group E against the 'Old Lady' of Europe Juventus, UEFA Cup holders Feyenoord and Dynamo Kiev.

Bobby Robson, manager of Newcastle: 'Obviously Juventus must be the favourites to qualify because they are the top seeds. But we have our own cathedral and our own fortress at St James's Park.

Juventus's vice-president Roberto Bettega: 'We have the fortune or misfortune to always get well-balanced groups. It is not one of the most difficult, like the one Milan are in, but there are also easier ones than ours..

'It goes without saying there are no easy teams anymore, and Feyenoord are proof of that, winning the UEFA Cup last season and knocking out some very strong teams on the way.

'Juventus are certainly the favourites but I think we have a chance against them,' said midfielder Paul Bosvelt. Looking ahead to playing Newcastle he said: 'I'm looking forward to a great match in a great English atmosphere.'

so we have a group like this:
Dinamo Kiev

i dunno how beggie can call this well balanced.italian clubs do NOT fare well against kiev and it's home atmosphere is crazy,scary even.newcastle is set to be the dark horse of the tournament,and uefa underestimate it by leaving it in the fourth bag.finally,feyenoord kicked out a few of our local compatriots we couldn't manage more than a draw against.

now,who has the "well-balanced group"?

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Jul 17, 2002
Oh god, We're in unpredictable group again.
We have an equal strength in that group, so I think never underestimate them all, especially NewcastleU and Feyenoord-Rotterdam.


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Jul 23, 2002
Well this looks bad
It looks a lot like the Group we got when we finsihed last

With Hamburg, Depor and them other teams

Mind you that this is a bad group for Juve.
Juve like Big Sides on bad form
Rather like these small sides on their way up

I think Dynamo Kiev is not what they use to be. Thier coach is dead. Shaktar has taken over in Ukraine. Vorrovei and Zubov are the new Scheva Rebrov pair there. So they won't be hard.

But NEwcastle is a side who is the only one who can challenge the big 3 in England. Pool, Man and Arsenal. And no doubt on the rise. We have however had a recent good record against this side.

They are scary. UEFA CUP winners knocking out Inter. Got to keep their players.

In general I would like to boast a warning for the Dutch Sides in this Years Champions LEague.
They are stronger then Before
They all got to keep their players which is a rare luxury for them.

They will Swipe Europe once again

The Group of Death is ofcourse Milan's group altough without Diouf LEns will be the whipping poll of the Three.

But Depor will make life tuff for the Munich and Milan side inorder to insure themselves of a round 2 place.


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Jul 23, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Febrina ] ++
Oh god, We're in unpredictable group again.
We have an equal strength in that group, so I think never underestimate them all, especially NewcastleU and Feyenoord-Rotterdam.
hey aren't you Milanista

you are confusing me here


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Jan 12, 2002
I agree Feynoord is the team to beat in our group, they won the UEFA Cup and also defeated Fenerbache in Turkey 2-0 en route to the CL .. anyway, I still believe we can make it ... We want to WIN the CL, so advancing from the first group should be done easily !!

Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
Well I think this time round we have a more solid team than last season, where we had salas out for a whole season and had only 2 first-team attackers. we have more midfielders, and our defence should be more settled-in with thuram entering his 2nd season.


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Jul 12, 2002
This group is definitly not easy, but it is also winnable. Away games in Rotterdam, Kiev and Newcastle will be very tough but if we can win all our home games and maybe with one away win and two draws we should top the group.

It will be tough but the CL isn't the most prestigous competition for nothing, I don't think there are any easy teams in the competition, ok there are relativly easy teams but nothing can be taken for granted just look at Byer Leverkusen last season.


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Dec 31, 2000
++ [ originally posted by respaul ] ++
Anyway, in previous years i would have said it was easy, but we were poor for the majority of last season, our pre season games have been even worse , plus the minor point we will be without matchplay..... All these teams are on the rise and confident..... this will be hard!!!

I expect us to qualify, but maybe second!!
I agree, all these points add a serious issue of doubt as to our potential here.


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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by respaul ] ++
what is so easy about this group!!

Looking at the way we have played (in all comps) over the last year or so..... I thinkl this will be difficult.

Easiest game being kiev at home... outside of that all are unpredictable.

Kiev away is always tough

Feyenoord are no walkover, and could well beat away and draw at home.

Newcastle.. if they play as they can ,they can turn us over at st james park.
Though the geordie fans are great... so at least it will be friendly.
Do you remember the last time we played them..... we lost 2-0 but the entire crowd gave ale a standing ovation when he was subbed..... great to see!!

Anyway, in previous years i would have said it was easy, but we were poor for the majority of last season, our pre season games have been even worse , plus the minor point we will be without matchplay..... All these teams are on the rise and confident..... this will be hard!!!

I expect us to qualify, but maybe second!!
Yes you are right and i am sure Ale will never forget that game either cos it was a brill feeling after the flak he took in the wc98, but my point was that Kiev are not the force of old and even at home they lost to Liverpool last season did they not, Newcastle are great going forward but very shaky at the back and Feyernoord well thats my big fear but they too are not the best in Europe but all these won't mean a thing if we continue to play the incoherent football that we played last season and preseason
To another big club this would have been rather easy but Italian dlubs have found a way to tie themselves in knots of late

Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
Denco I get you man. If you look at our CL group of last season, this one's a bit easier.

Depor, Bayer and Pana vs. Newcastle, Feyenoord and Kiev.

And compared to Milan's group its a little more easier! :D :D


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Aug 1, 2002
There were no easy groups this year. Whiche ever group we would have got u guys would still be here complaining how hard we get it. Guys do u realise that we are playing against newcastle and dinamo kiev. u make it sound like we are a second rate team. We are Juventus and we are afraid of no one. real madrid were very lucky not 2 get drawn with us!!! i hope we meet them next phase. i wanna see zidane back in the delle alpi. u guys are forgetting that inter have a very tough draw versus ajax. well while u guys hide in this forum the real juventini stars will be kicking major european ass!!!!

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