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May 20, 2003
yes , after that disaster, which was not the first this
season and i believe it will not be the last,
i see we will not win the title, and it will be a miracle
if we could pass Deportivo La Coruna with that defense we have..
so maybe we can fight for the cup, we still got a chance..

thanx moggi for not signing new defenders, i think the
results which we had before were not so conviencing to u ..
so what about now??? do u think we need new defenders..???
maybe , but the problem there is no chance to do it now...

our defense is only 3 player , Buffon, Zamo and thuram...
spcially buffon which u can see in his face how disapointed he was..
he could do nothing, even if is the best in the world
he cant do everthing by his own...
i dont say that other r bad, they r trying their best , but we can see
that they can't...
and montero , what was in ur mind?? in 3 minutes
u got yellow card , made a penelty, then took red card??
maybe i will forgive a new young player , but not some one like
who has all the experience and talents....

and come on Terz, im tired of not hearing your name ..
i really wished that you the one who gets out and keep di vaio
at least even if he doens score, he makes problem for the other team
and make chances..

Damn it, it beacme very easy for other teams to score on us,
and i dont wanna see what milan will do to us..
it became imposible to see clean goal this season..
so if we want to win, we must score at least 3 goals, cuz
the avarge is 2 goal against us..
imagine than..

is that Juventuz or some last table team..
even weaker teams doesnt have that bad record..

i think its better for us to play with 6 defenders
and depend on counter attacks,


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Nov 1, 2003
padlocks = closed threads....?

:LOL: this thread is funny....but frankly, i am sick and tired of it :fero:

expect to see summink like "Montero Sucks" in a few hours time.....


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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Matto ] ++
Oh, and before anyone feels offended - this was directed at no-one in particular. :)
I think this one could go to our defence:

++ [ originally posted by Matto ] ++
Over-aged demented fools!!
The season's not over, but if we get knocked out of Europe early on, I'm gonna be hard pressed to stay off the booze


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Jul 15, 2002
mu brother in law, avid Milanista, was hoping that Roma will win this game....

For one reason only, beacuse Juve has a way of catching up with the leader, which Roma does have not...

It's way to early to throw in the towel.......

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