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Jul 12, 2002
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It's not like I adore montero or anything. Ok, maybe I do, but I just get irritated with people who over bash Montero (and I don't mean you Stu) and it seems they all forget what kind of player he is. He really sucked last year but it was just one season, and yet we don't give this kind of treatment to Iuliano or Tacchinardi who did nothing exceptional for god knows how long.

regardless of montero's condition we still need new defenders anyway :sob:
Well, I personally think that Iuliano, Montero, and Tacchinardi all suck and all need to be replaced. There's no need to bash any of them, they all try hard, but that's not enough.


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Jun 9, 2003
The only reason why Iuliano wasnt worse than Montero is because he played less. Had he been a starter all year we would have been even worse, believe it or not.

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