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Dec 23, 2002

Montero towards Fiorentina 06 08 2004

Paul Montero could dress the mesh of the Fiorentina in the championship that it will begin to september. Viola, in fact, they have demanded to the Juventus the uruguayano player and the negotiation, in this moment, is active. Montero would have been demanded from Emiliano Mondonico, that it had trained the player in the Atalanta.


All I can say is: Do it Moggi! :fero:

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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Nekton ] ++
Montero is the worst defender in our squad, getting rid of him would be a dream come true.
It'll be hilarious if we get money for him too :D

I mean no disrespect to Paolo at all; Montero has been a great servant, and a symbol of our rock solid defensive strength for the past decade, but his time has clearly passed and he's sadly become a huge liability to our team.


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Sep 3, 2002
Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase seeelll himmmmmmmm please please please please please please please.

You got the picture. The man has been crap the last 3 years, last year he was even shittier and his stupid red cards annoy me. Send him away
Sep 28, 2002
i just feel that last season was a big flop. he can still improve. i dont expect him to reach his top form like 2-3 seasons ago, but i feel that can be more useful than iuliano. and tudor, cause he cant stay fit.

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