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Zé Tahir

Dec 10, 2004
I'm thinking of going to TomorrowWorld, the yank version of Tomorrowland they started last year (of course they have to call it 'world' :disagree:). Looks like a lot of fun.


Forza Vesuvio
Sep 13, 2011
Can't say i'm a big fan of Boys Noize, but always had sth from them. Stuff i have:

The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Boys Noize Summer Mix)

Late Of The Pier - Focker (Boys Noize Terror Re-Did)

Boys Noize - Oh! (A-Trak Remix)


Jul 11, 2011
from him*, one dude :p

His only good thing was Oi Oi Oi in 2007 which was pretty cool and new back then, probably quite influential too. But the second album was weak and third was mainstream crap. He inadvertently influenced a lot of crap electro except he went and made that afterwards because that's what was mainstream.

He did a couple of cool compilations on his BNR (boys noize records label) like BNR. Vol 1 and Boys Noize presents Super Acid. PUZIQUe was also quite cool and some remixes were cool like that Late of the Pier one, Justice remix or Hot n Fun remix etc...


نحن الروبوتات
May 27, 2009
Yeah, his older stuff was obviously better. Money got to him as is usually the case with artists these days.

@ZoSo Are you a Dopplereffekt fan?

Buck Fuddy

Lara Chedraoui fanboy
May 22, 2009
Btw, anyone been to Tomorrowland?

A lot of fun, if you avoid the mainstage. And a few others.

Boys Noize has sucked dick for like the past 5 years
Last time he was playing where I was, I walked away after about 10 min. I couldn't help wondering what the hell had happened. Saying it was bad would be a massive understatement.

Are you a Dopplereffekt fan?

Are they still around though? Don't think I've heard any stuff of them that's less than 10 years old.


Forza Vesuvio
Sep 13, 2011
The Glitch Mob - We Can Make The World Stop

Avicii - Silhouettes (AVICII's Exclusive Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply Mix)

EDX - Cool You Off


The Real MC
Jul 30, 2006
off to Amsterdam tomorrow, and there happens to be ADE while we are there! On Friday heading to a party where Jamie Jones, Martinez Brothers and Magda are playing...should be gd

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