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Feb 9, 2013
Imagine what our midfield could look like next season if done right.

Ramsey, Pjanic, Ndombele, Emre Can, Rabiot, Bentancur omg :tuttosport:
:lol: at thinking we would or could bring Ramsey, Rabiot, and Ndombele.

Now that we have Ramsey, at best we are getting one other high salary mid. Rabiot is asking for a fortune, and Ndombele is of interest to enough big clubs with money that his wage demands will be high. We aren’t having Ramsey, Rabiot, Ndombele, Pjanic, Can all on 5mil+ net wages a year.


Apr 22, 2008
i hope we get him.

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his movements feels like he is NBA player not football player. very unique. i never seen a player with this movements before.
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May 6, 2012
Speaking to Le Revenu earlier this week, Lyon Jean-Michel Aulas was asked if he would ever sell a player to PSG under the QSI era. Without being prompted, he immediately offered the name of French midfielder Tanguy N’Dombélé as an example…

“Without any problem. I would be proud even. If PSG want to buy Tanguy N’Dombélé, there is no problem. There is no bad blood with the PSG board. Nasser Al Khelaifi is a loyal and brilliant man who I admire.”
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