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Mar 6, 2007
maybe, just maybe it’s possible that a player prefers another club? ever thought about it?
It's more likely that we are negotiating for other players and/or don't have the money for all of them, whereas he is the first choice signing for Spurs. And when I say other players I mean in all positions.

I'm sure we are interested but you can't buy every player you want.

Anyway, there has been little but recycled news and members bumping this thread for weeks now, so I'd question how much of a priority he even is for us. If it's true we are signing Rabiot with Ramsey and are also bidding for Zaniolo then the answer is not. Not a priority at all, as much as that might upset a few members. And if the price really is €62m (probably throw a load of bonuses on that) then Aulas' attempts didn't work so well.


Jun 13, 2005
Listen guys, De Ligt is the one we must get. If we fail what's the alternative? No one, we can't get another CB of his class, Koulibaly could leave Napoli (small chance) but I really can't see Napoli selling him to us. Then what's left just players like Manolas, Boatengs......

Ndombele is a great signing, but SMS, Pogba is still a possiblity (even if small). Isco, Ceballos or others who we haven't even been linked with yet could come.

Still im not even sure we will get another midfielder after Rabiot:snoop:


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Dec 31, 2002
62M If true its a huge miss
Get him no matter who else you want to get 62M is nothing for him as next year under a new team he will be worth at least 100M...
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