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Aug 29, 2010
guys lets temper the impossible for a while and remember we're still writing off ronaldo

Ndombelol is bound for epl. He's allready having his cock shrunk to fit into these disgusting posh brittish ho's with sandy vagina's

While pogba is 155 mil

Lets really stick to what is actually possible

Didnt nedved like sergej ?


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Jan 26, 2009

We can do it lads
According to Zach Impossiburu.

We must sell Dybala, replace him with Icarid and we're set.

After that, we can focus on the midfield. After all, who needs midfielders anyway? We can just get a couple of freebies and be happy: an injury prone Ramsey and a faggy popo fils de pute fickle, inconsistent, mentally challenged Rabiot are going to solve all those midfield issues according to Zee Dacdical Xperd.
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