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Doctor Asma
Oct 21, 2003
hey :) last i reached my 2500th! i would like to thank you all for making this place more enjoyable ,ok ok the dedication :D...this goes out to:-

Andy-Fabiana-Lilianna-Vicky-Graham-Don Bes-Pendir-Blackmint-River-Poku-Jessica-Erik-Nina-Leeeeech-Gogeta-Zlatan-Sallyinzaghi-Fred Weasely-Joshua-Martin-Paolo Montero-Blue Vision-Majed-Cool Girl-Minfana-McPiero i love you all! :kiss: :kiss:

short,eh? :D

thanks! Juve Forums Rock! :cool:


Senior Member
Feb 21, 2004
Congrats, Miss Dubai! Thanks for being with us.

I wish I was more careful in noticing post anniversaries... I've just had 3k and totally missed it.


Senior Member
Jul 23, 2002
Nice one Miss Dubai(1 of my fav cities:cool:)

Yo I must have the least amount of posts for the no. years on juventuz forums:D

Can someone make it official. Wheres my award?

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