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Jul 12, 2011
--- -------Costa - C. Ronaldo - Dybala

---------------SMS - Pjanic - Can

Alex Sandro - Chiellini - Caldara - Cancelo


Are you not aroused? That is epic lineup.

I know Benatia will likely start next to Chiellini at the beginning of season but Caldara is extremely impressive. I think he very well could compete with Benatia and Rugani.
Omg :tuttosport::tuttosport::tuttosport::tuttosport::tuttosport:


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Aug 29, 2010
Neither Mandzukic or Cuadrado will be starters next season. They are still useful as substitutes and rotation players, but hopefully they are not starters anymore.

Bernardeschi can play in midfield or as a 10.
How can they be starter with Costa, Ronaldo and Dybala ?

And berna is far from beeing good enough the defensive sacrifice for that


Mar 6, 2007
He's the most capped player in France NT. He played with us till calcipoli and came with Gigi and Nedved when we sold Zizou.

He played CB and RB in a WC level. Lilian Thuran was a beast
I don't remember him. I remember some French guy shitting all over Juve post-Calciopoli. Might be connected.
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