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Sep 4, 2006
why in the fook would anyone willingly sign Boateng?

I'd pay to not have his ugly ass here. Tries to play like he is Ronaldo, is actually Cerci


Mar 6, 2007
Blimey, you have a high expectation threshold Jay! ("Classic case of too much too soon")

There is no doubt that the Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling trident at Liverpool last season was finely balanced in terms of quality (say 40/30/30 in percentage terms respectively). Nonetheless, there surely can be no doubting his qualites over a perod of two and a half seasons in which Sterling's contribution to Liverpool's success was paramount. His ability to waltz past defenders at pace, his excellent vision, both in terms of finding space to be an outlet whilst opening up defences, his superb passing ability and his general goal threat make him a firm favourite of Murkyside.

Sure, his off the field activites, redolent of Balotelli at his worst is a real problem for a club like Juventus that values good professional behaviour on and off the field. Rodgers would be gutted to lose him. That said, he looks like he is ready to leave the 'bin dippers' asap for a club that offers more than Liverpool can.
Considering the clubs I was linking Sterling to it seems obvious that I have a high opinion of him as a player...just that he hasn't yet made it to the degree where he can pick and choose those kind of clubs. These kids get carried away and have an agent in their ear talking about money, he should knuckle down at a club suited to build around him and establish himself first.

That said, I don't think Sterling would at all be interested in moving to us, which was mostly what I was laughing at.

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I think KP Boateng has had enough of this racist league already..
He's crap anyway.


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Dec 19, 2003
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