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Dec 9, 2009
Boca? They did barely try imo

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funniest thing is how River were rushing forward after 2-1 with 10min on the clock or so

Very chaotic and entertaining. :D Yeah I just couldn't understand what they were rushing for against 9 men and with one goal lead. So many clumsy tackles and zero tactical organizing. So different from European football.
Feb 12, 2006

Schelotto should shoulder a lot of the blame... why the fuck did it take him that long to put Tevez on, it seemed like river were going to win it when benedetto came off

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Feb 9, 2013
Great, really happy River won. The last time we played a world club cup final was against them, its coming home. :xfinger:

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I still haven't seen the replays of both that and the penal that got called indirect freekick. But i still think river deserved it, gallardo>>>el mellizo

Y’all still have 6 Copa Lib titles to our 4. ;)
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Jun 2, 2007
I cant believe how fast sometimes they pass the ball, and it always almost reaches a team mate.. It really was an entertaining match, was rooting for Boca because of Carlitos, and that first goal was awesome by Benedetto..Entertaining match and Congrats to River!

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