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Aug 27, 2003
Im sorry that i havent been on much these past few days and i have a very good excuse for this, let me explain wats going on ..

For those who live in the U.A.E you may all have heard of Sheikh Mohammeds establishment of young business leaders. This year they have held a competiton in which students have to create their own business , something new whcih is not found in the market. Students from various schools compete against each other for the number one spot.
A friend and i have decided to bring forth a brand to show our love for soccer for its true passion, we brought the world Soccerism.

The main goal of Soccerism is to bring people together despite their team, color and race becuause we all have one thing in common, We all Speak the same language,soccer. We hope that our project would be sucessful becuase we would like to take this project to another level and bring it to everyone around the world.
Those who live in the U.A.E come and show your love for soccer and support soccerism! Meet us at Al Reef Mall from the 15th of Feb to the 17 of Feb ( for those who arent aware of the whereabout of Al Reef Mall, its next to Toys R US)
For those who are outisde of the U.A.E just pass the love and let people know about soccerism :)

We will be printing their logos on shirts, caps, pens, Badges and lots of other stuff.
Heres the logo for you all (theres 2 logos, the main one is soccerism and the forza soccerism is the other logo)

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Jul 12, 2002
Hmm...thing is if you're trying to reach out to people of all culture and racial groups,it might not be a good idea to have the word "Forza" there imo,for obvious reasons.

Mr. Gol

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Sep 15, 2004
++ [ originally posted by «ƒÕ®zå JüV€» ] ++
Thanks alot for the support guys :D means alot to me
Aaah my legs r killing me at the moment just came back from our second day of sales and everything is going fiine for us :)
Keep it up. And by the way, the logo was VERY well done!
«ƒÕ®zå JüV€»
Aug 27, 2003
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    Thanks guys for all the support and yes its offically over :down: and as wierd as this may sound i actually miss it..its an experience i would never forget...
    We didnt feel the tension and competition in the atmosphere becuase all the other projects were good friends with the other
    Anywhoo weve done our best now its up to the judges to decide the winner :)

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