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Jul 10, 2006

Hey guys I am sure some of you have seen things like this, but I figured I would post this thread so others would be aware of it.

When you upload an avatar to the forum it will resize it, so often a nice big picture will just appear too tiny. But by using this site first you can upload the picture in question and put int he forum dimensions (tuz uses 150) and it will resize it so that the picture is much better in quality for the forum. It will give you three options since some wider pics may get cut off on the edges.

Here is what my avatar looked like originally, uploaded straight to the forum without using the site I am suggesting:

And here is the same pic after being optimized using the resizing site. IMO looks much better this way.

Hope this helps, sorry if this is the wrong place for something like that. But I'm just trying to give back to this great community. :)

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