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  • Oh, I see. I was littered with those trade offers too - poor fella really needed a good RB on the cheap, too cheap in fact :D

    Blue and Jackson should do well with a bit of good fortune. If, on top of that, Wilson manages to overcome a very tough match-up at KC, you will be hard to beat even with back-up RBs. ;)
    Oh voller mentioned something about a trade, i wasnt sure if you were talking about that as well.

    I was able to get Alfred Blue who is going to take over for Foster, so at least I don't have to play Williams. I really need Bernard to come back.
    Not sure what you mean referring to trades and stuff - the trade deadline is over anyway :D. I was just suggesting FA options to replace Foster.

    btw, not sure if you are aware of it but rashad Jennings is back as the Giants lead RB, so Andre Williams (who you are starting right now) is unlikely to produce much from now on.
    Yo Vinny if you see this in time - keep in mind Blue, Mckinnon and Jonathan Stewart as alternatives for Foster.
    I get you man :D

    Watch him last year was one of the best moments since I watch football, what a player :touched:
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