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Dec 31, 2000
Well now that Baggio reached his goal of scoring 200 goals in Serie A, Signori is edging closer to that objective as well. Should he succeed, he'll surely be the 6th top scorer (Baggio being the 5th) in league history (I'm unsure whether that title is applicable already now).

After sinking Lazio, his count is at 188 goals. ;) Getting to 200 should be a challenge, Bologna have dropped in quality the past two years and Guidolin is gone. In came Mazzone and it's hard to notice any significant improvement. Add to that the fact that Signori doesn't score as often as he used to. Surely his teammates will want him to take every free kick and penalty possible to get his record. ;)

Ps. If you include goals scored in lower divisions, Beppe has scored more goals in less games than Baggio, not bad huh? :)


Serie A Report: Bologna Defeat Lazio Against Run Of Play

Bologna defeated Lazio 2-1 two weeks after the original game was postponed due to a heavy snowfall which fell on Bologna. The result probably is too generous for Bologna and too harsh for Lazio, but at the end of the day it's the goals that make the difference.

Good pace right from the start as after just 20 seconds, Corradi shot inches wide from the edge of the penalty area. Lazio pressed on the accelerator and created numerous goal chances in the first 20 minutes. Stam, Inzaghi, Liverani, Cesar and Corradi again all tried their luck but for one reason or another were unable to put the ball past Pagliuca.

Lazio was in total control of the game and only in the 26th minute did Bologna break the supremacy of the biancocelesti when Nakata headed just wide a good cross by Signori. But that was just the prelude of the goal as in the 34th minute, from a counter attack, Bologna took the lead when Signori's shot was deflected by Stamo and went past a helpless Peruzzi.

A goal against the run of play which however did not discourage Lazio and Mancini's squad was good enough to equalize immediately after when in the 38th minute a Cesar's cross was met by Corradi's header, Pagliuca parried the ball and Fiore was quickest to react and push the ball inside the net.

Lazio kept on pressing to score a goal before half time but were unable to do so. The second half re-started with the same theme of the first; Lazio pushing forward and Bologna defending and using the counter attack. However once again, against the run of play, Bologna found the second goal in the 65th minute, this time thanks to Amoroso. The midfielder controlled a ball with his chest and shot towards goal to beat Peruzzi for the second time.

5 minutes later, Lazio could have had a chance of equalizing again, as referee Bolognino indicated a penalty for what he thought was a foul on Inzaghi, however the attentive linesmen signalled to the referee that there was no foul and so Bolognino overturned his own decision.

Lazio lost its cool and in the 78th minute, Mihajlovic got sent off for a bad foul on Nakata, an episode which sealed the destiny of this match. The biancocelesti still had two good chances to draw level, however in both chances, Muzzi was unable to score from a good position.

In the end, the 2-1 might be a bit too harsh on Lazio who produced a good football display but were unable to convert the many goal scoring opportunities they scored. On the other hand Bologna scored the few chances they had and this result helps them to stir away from the relegation zone and look at the next games with more confidence.
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Mar 6, 2003
I would like to see Signori reaching the 200 goals... but i just see it TOO difficult, taking in consideration that he have more or less 8 games to score 12 goals...and he will retire after this season.

IN theory , is possible... but we have to see.

PD: IN the weekend..... Bologna scored a wonderfull goal, but the play started with a beatifull backheel pass from Signori. It was just class and a delightfull to see.


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Apr 22, 2003
I really admire and respect Beppe

I hope he plays on another season, just so he can reach 200. He deserves it :touched:
Dec 27, 2003
It is in Signori's' best interest to hit the 200 serie A goals threshold. Indeed, he has bet something like 200 000 euros with an italian journalist that he would reach 200 goals. This happened a couple of seasons ago. Im surprised no one seemed to know it.

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