[Serie A] Udinese 0-2 JUVENTUS [October 6th, 2018] (1 Viewer)


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Apr 25, 2013
If it wasn’t for a monstrous performance from Scuffet (much better than the overrated Donnarumma), this could have ended 5-0. Yet another amazing team performance from the lads. It’s so much fun watching us this season.

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It'd be surprising if we don't win the 9th game this time around, even considering the inevitable Piatek goal.
Could be a tough game. Easy for a new coach to motivate team. There's almost always a spike. But it's a home game and we do have too much quality.

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How were Mandragora, Dybala, and Pjanic in this game?
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Mar 23, 2015
How were Mandragora, Dybala, and Pjanic in this game?
mandragora didn't have too much to add, they were lacking possession, speed and ideas. tough match for him, let's hope he could learn something from the big boys at least.
dybala looked mostly tired and uninspired, just a couple of vintage touches and good passes here and there, nothing special.
rock solid game for pjanic, he was calm, composed and made top level football look like a walk in the park. such an impressive player.

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