[Serie A] SPAL 1-2 JUVENTUS [February 22nd, 2020] (4 Viewers)


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Apr 15, 2005
Decent performance vs a crap teamp to get 3 points. The trend continues. No complaints, although it would be nice if we didn’t look clueless for the first 30 odd minutes everygame.

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May 6, 2012
Terrible refereeing, unlucky with the narrow offside and 2 balls hitting the post, Ronaldo scored one and could’ve scored 2 more but he’s saving it for Europe, Ramsey growing in the b2b role, I liked Sandro as well, Dybala MOM, Benta great in this role, Cuadrado vital for us but only if he can finish better, Danilo and Rugani are only good enough for rotation and Matuidi should leave in the summer: All things considered very decent game


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Jun 20, 2018
Decent to good performance. Great confidence builder for Ramsey. After a shaky star with Chiello at the back Juve looked like the old one in defense so of course after his exit mistakes appear. Unlucky for rugani, slow reaction on the penalty but in the end 3pts no injuries and no suspensions are all that matter now.
Ronaldo kept his scoring streak, so that's a plus, although he was selfish on one occasion when he could have easily passed to dybi for a potential goal.

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Sep 4, 2006
Shitting on Matuidi seems to be the common thing to do. He should be judged on his performance and he had a decent game today.
meh imo he was still mediocre tonight and we have better players.

Ramsey, Bentancur, Rabiot even Bernardeschi are better B2B players than him. he should not be starting.

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