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Jul 14, 2002
Damn it, ESPN are showing Empoli-Milan followed by Barca-Real :wallbang: I'd rather watch the Lazio-Juve match than a combination of the five other games that are showing this weekend.

@aca: Good luck, man :)


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Apr 24, 2003
++ [ originally posted by -Fantasista- ] ++
Damn it, ESPN are showing Empoli-Milan followed by Barca-Real :wallbang: I'd rather watch the Lazio-Juve match than a combination of the five other games that are showing this weekend.
Yes, and they wont even show it delayed, but I already wrote an e-mail complaining :fero:
Aug 27, 2003
What the hell empoli-mialn!!!! that palin stupidty! ugh i think the juve match is far much better i feel sorry for u guys...
Thankfully our channle only shows italian legaue so nothing is gonna bug us and each channle has its own league.. so to get far away from these problems..
Sep 14, 2003
I'm really sick of the fact that we haven't beaten Lazio for long time. Inter were in this position last week, will it be our turn to end a bad run against our opponents tonight?

I'm not confident.
Aug 27, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Holdon ] ++
I'm really sick of the fact that we haven't beaten Lazio for long time. Inter were in this position last week, will it be our turn to end a bad run against our opponents tonight?

I'm not confident.
nor am i..sad isnt..
yes it is quite iritating but not only was iner in this postion but lazio too both of lazio and juve are havin problems who will decide to brake it to sucess i hope deff to be juve...
but i think this match wll end 1-1


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Apr 21, 2003
I forgot to put Soccerage's preview up :D


Lazio and Juventus will face each other at the Stadio Olimpico for the 69th time in Serie A on Saturday night.

Nearly perfect equilibrium for both teams in terms of victories, where the biancocelesti won 25 times against the bianconeri's 24 victories; the match ended 19 times in a draw.

Last year's encounter ended in a 0-0 and Buffon had saved a second half penalty from Fiore on that occasion. The last Lazio win came on the 24th of November 2001 thanks to a Liverani's lob after a mistake in midfield by Tacchinardi. Juve's last victory was on the 17th of April 1999 when a Henry's brace awarded the bianconeri with a 3-1 away victory, which in the end resulted crucial for Lazio's league title loss against Milan.

The home side come from a much needed Coppa Italia win which has brought some fresh air around the team, following some bad results both in Serie A and the Champions League. Mancini's squad needs to win this match to keep in touch with the big guns and get that much needed extra motivation to be able to go in Prague and win. The Champions League encounter might actually end up distracting the Lazio players who might not be 100% focused on the Serie A match, however obtaining a positive result against Juventus might be very important for the team's current season.

Juventus on the other hand just arrive to this match from their worst week of this season following consecutive defeats against Inter and Galatasaray. If for the Champions League encounter one can argue that Lippi only fielded his second string players, which is still a very strong line-up, and the team played a good first 60 minutes in which only poor finishing prevented them from winning the match, against Inter Lippi's team looked just a shadow of the team everyone had admired and tipped for Serie A supremacy in the previous weeks. So for the Tuscan coach, the pre-match training must have focused mostly on the psychological aspect, to try and get the team back on track and continue where they left off prior to the Inter match.

Lazio's main problem this season seems to be the attack where in more than one occasion, all forwards failed to deliver, even though Simone Inzaghi has at times done quite well and deservely received a call-up for the Italian national team two weeks ago.

On the other hand, as underlined by Thuram, Juve's main problem this season is the defence or rather lack of it considering that the bianconeri have conceded 12 goals in Serie A so far from 11 matches played, while last year they had only conceded 6 goals during the same period. The problem lies in the aging defenders who most of them are well over the 30 year age mark. If things go on like this, Moggi might be pressed to buy a quality defender in January, top of the list being Lucio.


Lazio - Mancini will be able to recover Stam for this important encounter. This will surely be an important recovery since Lazio without Stam is very easily perforated. Stankovic will be serving the first of four matches in which he is banned, whilst Cesar is still unavailable.

Juventus - Despite the two successive defeats, Lippi will still continue using his much beloved turn over, and he will consequently field players who have not played last Tuesday in Dortmund. Only Birindelli is unavailable whilst Zambrotta has recovered completely from his muscular injury.


Lazio (4-4-2) - Peruzzi; Stam, Negro, Mihajlovic, Favalli; Fiore, Giannichedda, Albertini, Zauri; Corradi, S. Inzaghi

Juventus (4-2-3-1) - Buffon; Thuram, Legrottaglie, Montero, Zambrotta; Tacchinardi, Appiah; Camoranesi, Nedved, Del Piero; Trezeguet


Fiore (Lazio) - Last season he missed a penalty against the bianconeri which would have given the victory to his team; he will be surely trying to make amends.

Del Piero (Juventus) - Even though he is out of form, as it usually happens to him for the first few months after an injury, Lippi is still trusting in his class knowing that sooner or later this trust will be re-paid.


Mar 6, 2003
Hpw many time left??

Hey BTW... no that i see glenns preview.... there is a preview in soccerage about the real-barca game...

haha its very funny... but they diminished barca at maximum in that preview!!


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Sep 21, 2002

Gianluigi Buffon
Lilian Thuram
Nicola Legrottaglie
Gianluca Zambrotta
Paolo Montero
Stephan Appiah
Alessio Tacchinardi
Mauro German Camoranesi
Pavel Nedved
David Trezeguet
Alessandro Del Piero


Enzo Maresca
Marco Di Vaio
Fabrizio Miccoli
Edgar Davids
Ciro Ferrara
Gianluca Pessotto
Antonio Chimenti


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Aug 7, 2002

33' Oddo in for Lopez !

31' Fiore brilliantly manages to cross once again, but Buffon catches the ball with confidence. Nice goalkeeping by Gigi !

28' Nedved's free-kick was really dangerous for Peruzzi who makes a nice save. A corner follows, and Tacchinardi's header is slightly off target but Juventus seem to be more concentrated.

26' Substitution for Lazio: Muzzi is out for Liverani

25' Appiah takes the shot from 25 meters : over the bar.

24' Second attempt to escape on the right wing by Fiore. Corner for Lazio.

22' Just after the goal, Juventus are back in Lazio box. Del Piero has a great chance, but his right-footed kick from inside the box is stopped by Peruzzi.

20' Beautiful goal for Lazio ! Stam's throw-in finds Fiore who crosses from the right wing towards Corradi. Lazio striker's diving header is perfect and Buffon is helpless. 1-0 Lazio !

18' Nedved was on the verge of being booked after this late tackle on Albertini, but the referee just gives Lazio a free-kick.

16' Corradi was in very good position but he fouled the defender. Lazio are putting more pressure on Gianliugi Buffon.

15' 32-meter free kick for Lazio to be taken by Mihajlovic... denied by the defenders after the Serbian tried to play it in a collective way.

13' After almost 15 minutes of play, Lazio are more or less dominating but the advantage is not clear cut.

10' Montero with a tackle from behind on Corradi near the halfway line. Free-kick Lazio.

8' Buffon gets the ball in an uneasy position, but the goalkeeper manages to clear the line. This launches a brilliant counterattack for Juve, led by Alessandro Del Piero who finds Trezeguet and then Nedved. But Nedved's kick is denied by a defender.

6' It seemed like Mihajlovic fouled Nedved but the referee punishes the Czech player with a free-kick. Strange decision.

4' First chance for biancocelesti : Lopez crosses from his left wing towards Muzzi. The striker's header is off target but this was a nice move.

3' Trezeguet caught offside.

2' Quiet start as Tacchinardi misses a clearing kick and Montero is compelled to stretch to make a defensicve header.

20:34 Underway in Rome !

20:30 The crowd is unbelievably noisy tonight, as the Stadium is full for this Calcio clash. The game is about to kick off. Legrottaglie is in Juve's starting line-up as expected. Davids and Simone Inzaghi will not start.

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