[Serie A] Lazio 1-1 Juventus [November 8th, 2020] (1 Viewer)


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Feb 12, 2006
After a few hours to clear the head, the collective performance was much better, the team looked a lot better in defense, much more solid defensively during the game.

For whatever reason, in front the players are not taking the correct decisions which left us defending one goal during this game. Still, what really, really boils my blood was the lackadaisical attitude from Dybala. He went in, didn't pursue, didn't press, I don't know wth he even went into the match to do. To do his usual "Not Messi" cosplay? An embarrassment from him.
Dybala asking for 15mill a season in wages when he's playing like a 15 euro a season player


May 27, 2007
We weren't actually that bad, imo. But we could and should have killed them off with a 2nd or even a 3rd goal. Poor finishing and decision making because we had some nice counterattacks.

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Man, if I had a dollar per page whenever Juve doesn't win a match... :D
Yeah, we were a real role model in the second half :agree: I'm sure Real, Barca, Liverpool and Bayern would play like that to defend 1-0 against Lazio and them push into their box for almost whole 2nd half. That was simply brilliant tactics.


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Apr 5, 2018
What a hateful and biased post. Cuadrado is covering a pass back and Correa completely destroys Bentancur, how is Cuadrado supposed to cover Bentancurs tunnel. The goal was a result of great skills from Correa, a lot of luck when he fumbles the ball with Rabiot and then Caicedo scores a goal he wont score again, while Bonucci doesnt cover well enough and Danilo is just an inch from getting it as well. All the luck here went Lazios way, the mistake was not closing the game but allowing them the chance to punish us for 75 minutes, in a game we could easily have closed.

I appreciate you adding some commentary instead of just calling my post “hateful”. I try not to be hateful, but I am really frustrated by this match... still, as I’m sure you are too. Much can be said about Cuadrado this year, but to speak of the whole year only complicates matters. In fact, I thought he was quite good against Lazio. My sole observation was that I thought those final seconds lacked appropriate effort. I thought the video showed my point clearly.

We are all in this boat together. We have no influence over this team but this team has great influence over us. Sunday sucked and I don’t want to feel that way again.
Jul 3, 2020
Pirlo will probably try Buffon as a lone striker next game if he's following the path he's going.
Shut your mouth

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What a shitty taste in mouth. Going to be long 2 weeks.
Stop putting shitty things in your mouth then. Buffone

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Yeah true.

Guess Pirlo needs time but the clock is ticking.
If you were putting money on who wins the scudetto this season who would it be?
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