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Apr 17, 2008
I don't think Bernardeschi did much wrong all round. In the second last minute he was trying to take the ball to corner flag and Dybala completely fluffed it. In fact, almost all of Dybala's touches and passes were either mistakes or wrong choices. Bernadeschi did what was basically required of him.


King of Tuz
Jan 24, 2007
Putrid, disgusting, cowardly garbage. Get what we deserved for switching off in the second half and playing like fucking pussies. Go and get fucked. Fine all of the useless twats.
i knew we were gonna get scored on when they cant even hold the ball..frabotta losing it then dybala losing it...ffuuukkk!!!
My Leo Capitano trash always:rofl::rofl::rofl:
We suck ass, we're just dogshit
We never closed the game
Gifted Lazio two points
It was so fucking obvious as well, you could see it. Wasted so many counters. They had little real threat but threw players on to get balls into the box.

So amateurish. Another 2 points spunked away.

It was almost like an Allegri performance until the death. In his day we'd have won 1-0 by just doing enough.

Like I said beforehand, this shit can ruin my whole day now instead of just a tiny bit. Fucking cunts.
Their goal didn't annoy me as it was obvious they'd score but coming from Dybala being an obvious ass is annoying. Fuck him and the others who wear this jersey without giving a shit about it.

That imposter Bernardeschi two minutes earlier in their box and he crumbled on the ground like the bitch he is. He should be penalised by the club.
Usually NFL to take mind off shitty Juve results, but no games for 3.5 hours. Too early to drink anything other than coffee.
good. if you won't miss the game, you deserve to suffer the consequences.


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Aug 2, 2005
What a hateful and biased post. Cuadrado is covering a pass back and Correa completely destroys Bentancur, how is Cuadrado supposed to cover Bentancurs tunnel. The goal was a result of great skills from Correa, a lot of luck when he fumbles the ball with Rabiot and then Caicedo scores a goal he wont score again, while Bonucci doesnt cover well enough and Danilo is just an inch from getting it as well. All the luck here went Lazios way, the mistake was not closing the game but allowing them the chance to punish us for 75 minutes, in a game we could easily have closed.
Same narrative can be used against Cuad.. he actually had enough time to go back to his position,, anyway.. those things happen in football.. we won many matches in the last kick of the game.. ifs and buts wont change anything.. better learn from this than trying to find blames..

As I consider Pirlo an intelligent person who learns from his mistakes, I hope he learned much already and use this break to refine the team.

Those 2 lost points would have very nice.

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Jul 23, 2008
No Morata was calling for a sub, but putting on bernadeschi when it might have been wiser to put on Arthur, flood the midfield, control is and see out the 1-0.
Yes, Morata asked for it. I missed it when i watch the match
I thought Arthur will be wiser solution

The best part from this match is i see more structured organization from us. Our defense is more compact and i like the way we set the 4-4-2 formation. Even when the result is not good but i feel more assured that we won't concede under pressure.

Things we need to improve is the movement and decision making when we counter attack. I like the way we launch a fast counter with our pressing, but sometimes the movement or the final pass is complicated and stop the chance


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Apr 21, 2012
I am not sure. I only saw one replay. But Bentancur was literally owned there by Correa.
Correa was great but Lazio players notice that Bentan was playing cautiously for a long time after his unnecessary yellow and Pirlo didn't replace him with Arthur even Bentan got yellow AND limping because of the knock.


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Mar 16, 2004
Probably why along with have little common sense you have a low-IQ when it comes to football. Maybe write down my post while reading it so you don't forget the knowledge bestowed upon you. :tup:
If your football knowledge is similar to your proficiency in the English language I think I’ll pass, monkey boy.


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Apr 17, 2019
We had enough control and a number of chances to bury this game, we were great on the counter but didn't take our chances. Dybala couldn't control the ball and it went out, 1st mistake. Multiple mistakes were made after but overall a much improved performance against a quality opponent.


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Jul 15, 2017
If your football knowledge is similar to your proficiency in the English language I think I’ll pass, monkey boy.
Maybe my English isn't so good or maybe look in the mirror. Whatever, let's go to the area of your proficiency so you can better understand me. Since you're a top economist, if you're soccer knowledge was to be bought or sold on the exchange, I would advise people to SELL ASAP! I would go as far to say Bjerknes being traded would no doubt singlehandedly turn a BULL market into a BEAR one.

And if the above worded explanation example doesn't help you my friend, hears the international sign to assist in where to go with Bjerknes soccer knowledge.


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Feb 27, 2011
After a few hours to clear the head, the collective performance was much better, the team looked a lot better in defense, much more solid defensively during the game.

For whatever reason, in front the players are not taking the correct decisions which left us defending one goal during this game. Still, what really, really boils my blood was the lackadaisical attitude from Dybala. He went in, didn't pursue, didn't press, I don't know wth he even went into the match to do. To do his usual "Not Messi" cosplay? An embarrassment from him.

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