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Nov 18, 2005
I was very worried coming into this match with our weakened defence against Samps
triple threat of Montella-volpi and Cassano yet none of them will play tommorow so this is excellent news!!!!! I think cassano's absence has boosted our chances of winning this game so much. I think Juve will win this game 3-1 or 3-0. The callups are : Buffon, Birindelli, Almiron, Zanetti, Salihamidzic, Iaquinta, Del Piero, Nedved, Vanstrattan, Trezeguet, Boumsong, Palladino, Grygera, Molinaro, Tiago, Marchionni, Legrottaglie, Castiglia.


----------Iaquinta-----------------------Del piero

I agree i think Sali was impressive in the center but we need him at RB and despite Molinaro's defensive problems he is still superb in attack and i prefer him over boumsong in the center any day.
Forgive my ignorance but, who are those guys?


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Dec 16, 2002
we must win this game although it will be tough but we has to do it or juve will start falling in the table and we will be out of the top 4 within couple of games


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Dec 16, 2002
if we draw or loose matches like this at home , i dont see juve at the top 4 since udinese , fiorentina and milan are moving up in the table


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Jul 12, 2002
Hello everyone, I apologize for not posting in the forums for a while, but I've been very busy in the last few months. Although I've been following the forum regularly without posting.

Anyways, about the match, Sampdoria have been in good form recently (which seems to be the case with any team we play against), and they are coming to Turin with high hopes of getting a positive result.

Juve, on the other hand, have been a bit off after the break, a last-minute equalizer against Catania and a late winner against Empoli certainly isn't something to be proud of. Our attacking line has certainly been impressive in the Empoli game, but losing Chiellini for a month is certainly a huge blow to our defence.

The expected formation should be something like this:




Given our defensive problems and the fact that we only have one natural DM, I don't see how we can play a 4-3-3, since that would leave our defence without much cover, something Sampdoria would certainly take advantage of.

Regarding Salihamidzic, I believe he has the work-rate and versitality that would enable him to play in a centeral midfield position temporarily. Another thing we would gain by playing Salihamidzic is that if things aren't going well for us, the formation in midfield can easily change to this:




I would also like to give Almiron a chance later on in the game, maybe he learned a thing or two watching Juve's players from the bench.

Although everyone has been attacking an insulting Grygera after his embarassing display against Empoli, I believe he's going to have a good game against Sampdoria. The whole defence was disasterous that day, so with Belardi, Boumsong, and Molinaro all being out of position, I wouldn't blame him if he got confused and had no idea whom to cover.

Iaquinta should start ahead of Del Piero in this match, as he was one of our best players against Empoli. Del Piero can come later on and save most of his energy for the Inter match.

Belluci's pace could cause us problems, so let's hope our defenders have perform the offside trap well enough.

Prediction: Juve 2 - 0 Sampdoria


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Jul 28, 2003
Ranieri Promises Improvement, Coy On Signings Juventus coach Claudio Ranieri has told his team that they must overcome the club's crippling injury crisis by sticking together and working harder.

The Bianconeri will be without three defenders for Sunday's game against Sampdoria after left-back Giorgio Chiellini was ruled out for a month after sustaining a knee injury during the Coppa Italia victory over Empoli.

"We really could have done without Chiellini's injury," admitted Ranieri. "Now I will have to invent something else."

Ranieri will probably bring Jean Alain Boumsong into his back line for the Sampdoria clash and start with Zdenek Grygera in place of the suspended Antonio Nocerino.

"We must prove that we are compact and united," said Ranieri. "We have to put in a great performance against a Sampdoria side that is doing well and very enthusiastic."

His rallying call comes in the same week that skipper Alessandro Del Piero criticised the team, the coach and the club's directors for not doing enough to make Juve's return to Serie A success.

"I agree with the captain," confessed Ranieri. "We did a great deal and forced the sceptics to reconsider, but we do need to improve. The fans have been close to us from the start and this squad is effectively a child learning to walk."

With this in mind, the Juve coach also spoke about the possibility of bringing in new players before the end of the January transfer window.

“We’ll see, we are evaluating the situation," he added. "It is easy to figure out – if one leaves, then another must come to replace him."

Having said this, he then revealed that the buying of new players has nothing to do with him. "Talk to the club," he stated, "transfer policy is their work, not mine.”

Gil Gillespie
i thought he would do that, now i think we will definitely see the 442 :sad:
Oct 3, 2004
Molinaro chose the wrong profession. Perhaps he should have been a marathon runner...maybe a carpenter. football is not for him.ime is th
That's too harsh. It's agreed he's not up to par, but he's not a hopeless case! When I think hopeless case in that position, I think "Paramatti" :scared:
Sep 14, 2003
That's too harsh. It's agreed he's not up to par, but he's not a hopeless case! When I think hopeless case in that position, I think "Paramatti" :scared:
Comparing Molinaro to Paramatti is like comparing dog shit to cat shit - they're both shit, but on different levels.

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