[Serie A] Juventus vs 2-0 Bologna [January 24th, 2021] (1 Viewer)


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Mar 30, 2003
Only thing wrong with our performance was some horrible decision making and poor finishing other than that we looked a lot better than we have been this season I'm not sure how much of that is down to a poor Bologna or the fact we played what was close to our best 11.


"Top Economist"
Mar 16, 2004
I missed the match as a 6:30am kickoff is too much for me after a night of cocktails, but from the highlights it looked like we wasted a lot of chances. The Bernardski stuff was just comical as usual, what a player. Nice to see Weston slaying it again.


Senior Member
Jul 15, 2017
Gave Tek MOM and Weston very close at1A. Start of 2nd half so sloppy starting with 2 bad Bent passes. Poor Berna might never score a goal again. At to lol when the analyst said maybe Berna should have just shot it on goal instead of trying to lift it softly over the goaltending. That why not as an embarrassing of a miss.

And both announcers on ESPN+ for at least 5 minutes stated how did the ref not even ask for a VAR look at the foul on Cuad. More and more seeing that lots of posters here right about italia futbol having it out for Juve. Arthur looked better and CR7 really lost out on times when open and Cuads forgot he was playing.

Though this was Bologna and I can't tell you whether their a bad team or a really BAD team?


Senior Member
Jan 31, 2003
Important win considering other results were very favourable to us.

Nice for Arthur to get a goal, even if it was lucky and our Americano just keeps on doing things to make us smile.

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