[Serie A] JUVENTUS 2-2 Sassuolo [December 1st, 2019] (1 Viewer)


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Apr 25, 2013
Did we try to attack more this game, first time since Lecce(?) game? Is that why we conceded two, or purely down to random individual brain farts at back?


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Sep 20, 2011
Mediocre coach leads to mediocre performance. It's how we played the entire season so far except parts of Atletico 1st game and 60 minutes vs Napoli. I shoul count Leverkusen game maybe, but opponents defending was so bad you could hardly assess that performance

Just cluelessly predictable slow possession game, heavily centralized, that go nowhere and so easy to read. If Cuadrado is not providing width, of Dybala isnt creating magic surrounded by 4 opponents, then we arent going anywhere.

There is no other approach, no flexibility, just keep passing so slow and pointlessly til all lands are closed, so you shoot a long shot or make a desperate ball in you hope and pray reach an attacker.
That's an accurate description/diagnosis.

My only doubt is if this is all on the coaching.

If this happens under two different coaches (Allegri's last season was also of miserable football) what is the pattern? The players.

We simply lack creative midfielders and offensive players who offer 1vs1 dribbling and width. The little we've got is constantly injured.

IMO this is mainly because of lack of squad planning - all while we spend twice the amount of salaries the 2nd spenders in Italy.

It's mainly Paratici's responsibility, IMO. He seems to be the weak link. And that's quite concerning. Agnelli may have made quite a crucial mistake.


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Jul 18, 2004
Is it up to the players to buck their ideas?
When you’re a professional and you can’t even place a 15 yard pass to your team mate then yeah you do need to buck your ideas up.

Sarri isn’t blameless, the lack of intensity and cohesion is a problem that is his to solve through management but he can’t be blamed for stupid errors like we saw for Dad’s second goal.


May 3, 2012
Sassuolo lost to Serie B team Perugia in Coppa today. The funny part is our own Hans Nicoloussi Caviglia bagged one of the goals.


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Apr 25, 2013
After watching highlights of this game, i was confused.

People talking about finishing, Sarri, Can when Buffon and de Ligt hindered another boring (but a w) 2-1 in embarrassing fashion.

Nothing wrong with talking about other issues but abnormal when you get the main reason wrong esp when those errors are that embarrassing.

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