[Serie A] Juventus 2-0 FC Inda Wuhan [March 8th, 2020] (2 Viewers)


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May 5, 2004
Under Conte!

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He gave the ball prior Dybala's goal from something 60 meters.That was pretty accurate.
As a regista he needs more than that, especially through ball that initiate the counter, but I agree with you that pass to Dybala is great.

But in a long way, long sharp through ball that put our attacker behind defense is the one that I want to see from him

Pjanic look soulless because he play it safe lately, short side pass and back pass. He is just like more a ball distributor to whoever in safe position near him

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Nov 25, 2005
Steven Zhang ranting on instagram, Marotta raging on every TV channel, newspaper and radio station, the Curva Nord hanging "Calciopoli 2.0" banners in front of the Lega headquarters.. don't get me wrong, they're all completely right and I support them 100%. But all that fucking moaning, only to culminate with a performance like this? This is exactly why those shitlords disrespect us and fuck our schedule around in the first place. Because they know we'll bitch and moan, we'll kick up a fuss, we'll talk the talk but ultimately, never walk the walk. Now to get eliminated from the EL so they can easily reschedule our Sampdoria game and say "see? what was all the fuss about?"

juventus thank us btw for the light run-out and low-effort 3 points. Regulation win if I ever saw one.

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Sep 4, 2006
Well it's a joke. And yes, I do blame the city, because the poor eating habits of the people who live there have caused a worldwide catastrophe.
thank you. now is not at all the time to be overly politically correct and accepting of cultural practices etc. Thess fuckheads have started a global pandemic and, at the very least, caused a massive recession. criticism and mockery are warranted

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