[Serie A] JUVENTUS 2-0 Bologna [September 26th, 2018] (1 Viewer)


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Apr 16, 2017
We must secure league in January so we can focus in Champions Leauge. We beat Napoli then let then make another mistake and we’re 9 points ahead early in November.


Jun 17, 2011
Well then you've never, very rightfully so, never watched the NWSL
I have not. But baseball ones have literally no enthusiasm whatsoever if we're talking all sports. Staying within this one, definitely the Russians.

Don't hate me, but I think all American commentators are unenthusiastic :boh:
Joe Tolleson isn't so bad for NYCFC games. And everyone can say what they will, but I like Taylor Twellman.

Also, we've adopted Ian Darke. He's ours now and I will hear nothing to the contrary.


Second coolest member!
Apr 5, 2006
Most unenthusiastic commentator I've ever heard in this sport I think.
I was watching an Arab link from BeIn channel and i gotta say Arab commentators are very amusing. I dont understand shit but they dont stop talking for a single minute. Also, its interesting cause they mention like 1000 footballers during their comentating and it feels so random to me. He was like "Ahamatra ta halem, hamar marara Sivori, Charles, Giggs, haku lala mululu amubarak hamia Scholes, Baggio, Di Vaio, Platini." Its so funny, sounds so random.

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