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Apr 16, 2017
They are shitting themselves. Spalleti would try a 0-0 draw. I hope we score early and kill them in counters. Cancelo on the left is very unpredictive. Except his crosses are really bad sometimes.


Beppe Marotta Is My God
May 26, 2009
‘No foul on Ronaldo, even with VAR’
By Football Italia staff

Former referee Piero Ceccarini defends his decision not to award a penalty to Inter against Juventus in 1998 - “VAR wouldn’t have considered it a penalty”.
The incident took place over 20 years ago, but is still a controversial issue to this day.
With the Bianconeri 1-0 up, Ronaldo and Mark Iuliano clashed in the box, and Ceccarini waved play on.
Juve broke up the pitch and were awarded a spot kick of their own, which Alessandro Del Piero missed, and went on to win the match and the Scudetto.
Luigi Simoni, who was Nerazzurri Coach at the time, has said “history would have changed” if VAR had been in place, but the official that day doesn’t see it the same way.
“I’ve already said this on several occasions, maybe people aren’t listening to me,” Ceccarini said on Radio Crc.
“Along with the commentators at the time, there was [former Inter player Fulvio] Collovati and [ex referee Massimo] Chiesa, who just happened to say it wasn’t a penalty.
“I was sure on the pitch and even today I’m still certain of my decision. If Collovati and Chiesa had been on VAR they wouldn’t have considered it a penalty and wouldn’t have called me to review it.
“If I’d seen the incident on the monitor I’d have said Ronaldo ran into Iuliano.”

They bring out Simoni, I’m glad now Ceccarini can troll half of Italy.


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Feb 20, 2016


They bring out Simoni, I’m glad now Ceccarini can troll half of Italy.
Each year Simoni speaks then Ceccarini responds then repeat


Apr 16, 2017
It’s amazing since we got our new stadium, we’ve had a total domination vs Inter, Milan, Napoli, Roma (Lazio was always our bitch). Does anyone remember when we finished 7th in the league, we were playing Cagliari at home and before the game even started in Juve website already showed 2-0 result? :lol:


Ertuğrul Oğlu Osman
Oct 20, 2004
i feel Tuzers confident of a win, Wake up guys don't jinx it :andyandbarcelona:

I think we may lose 1 - 0 ..Inter could do Man U here and our team could be in relaxation mood. hope am wrong :panic:


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Dec 31, 2002
We are far better than Inter there is no doubt about it but Inter are probably the toughest challenge we had this season (Im really not impressed by Napoli)...


May 3, 2012
Nainggolan will be out according to Spalleti. Bentancur has back problem and may not play, according to Max.

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Aug 21, 2010
Massimiliano Irrati will referee Derby d`Italia game between Massimiliano Allegri`s Juventus and Inter on friday night. Coincidence? Campionato falsato? Fucking Rube...


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Sep 6, 2014
We will play either with 2 midfielders, or Emre Can starts - Max

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De Sciglio Bonucci Chiellini Cancelo

Pjanic Matuidi

Costa Dybala Ronaldo



This will be the lineup if Bentancur is out, except Cuadrado instead of Costa. So predictable.

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