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Apr 22, 2005
ZhiXin said:

Too lazy to write a proper introduction.

come on man its Gigi's comeback and you cant even jumble some words together for an intro??? :google: something up...haha


Sep 23, 2003
The Coppa sets up a nice prelude to this one. I hope it keeps our boys ready for the sharpness we need to get as many points as possible back from this match.


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Nov 9, 2005
if we take it by this logic:

roma-fiorentina - draw
inter-fiorentina - inter
roma-inter - roma
juventus-roma- juventus
juventus-inter- juventus

then juve should win this game.


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Nov 23, 2005
Stephan said:
but if this logic
milan-juventus - milan :cry:
milan-fiorentina - fiorentina

then Juve - Fiore - Juve

why, you ask? I'll give the timeless answer.
Charmander - Squirtle -> Squirtle
Squirtle - Baulbasaur -> Bulbasaur
Bulbasaur - Charmander -> Charmander


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Oct 1, 2004
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    By popular reuqest, I think I better do it

    Fiorentina has been really impressive this season under Prandelli. They have a scoring machine called Toni and a few talented youngsters in the names of Montolivo, Bojinov and Pazzini. Prandelli has also revived the careers of Fiore and Jorgensen. This team will be really hard to be defeated and we will have a hard time against Toni, with his superb positioning and heading.

    The good news is that Buffon will be back for the game. We can start another poll to gather views about him playing this game. IMO, I think that he should start against Fiorentina and I would let Abbiati play the Coppa Italia. Buffon would have more resting time and I think he can pull out a few good saves to deny Toni. Hope that we would stop the whole team.

    I hope that Juventus would look sharp all game long with the return of Vieira and Mutu should be starting for this game. We need this 2 players to demolish the whole Fiorentina. Fiorentina's weakness is their defence, so we must create more chances and score more.

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