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Jan 26, 2009

We call this Mohrenkopf and in germany they used to call it Negerkuss ("niger kiss") as well, but now it's called Schokokuss ("Choco kiss"), because it's political correct.

Schokokuss would definitely not fly in Egypt, where it'd roughly translate into "chocolate pussy" :klin: :baus: :tup:


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Aug 31, 2006
From FI:

Report: Cagliari avoid racism ban

Cagliari will reportedly avoid a stadium ban as ‘only’ a minority of their fans racially abused Juventus striker Moise Kean on Tuesday.
According to ITASportPress, an offshoot of Gazzetta dello Sport, the FIGC deemed only ’40-50’ Cagliari supporters to engage in racist chanting at the Sardegna Arena.
The website writes the federation did not deem the insults aimed at the striker throughout the match to be of a discriminatory nature, only acknowledging them to be racist after his goal celebration.
Consequently, the numbers would be too low to trigger a stand closure or stadium ban, leaving the Rossoblu liable for just a fine.
The controversial incident has gripped the world of football, with the likes of Paul Pogba, Mario Balotelli and Raheem Sterling coming out in support of the 19-year-old.

Sauce: https://www.football-italia.net/136587/report-cagliari-avoid-racism-ban

Funny how when Koulibaly received monkey chants against inter the fans were banned for the next match. Now Cagliari get away with it probably because the FA love how anti-juve they are in general.
Not to mention the fact that Koulibaly got so much more media attention than Kean, as well as the whole '#iAmKoulibaly' on twitter

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