[Serie A] Brescia 1-2 JUVENTUS [September 24th, 2019] (3 Viewers)


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Jul 27, 2015
Not a very encouraging performance tbf, other than a few glimpses here and there the team seemed a bit confused at times and all over the place when in possesion, rotation however was good and also that we’ve improved in the second half and controlled the game for most parts is a positive, i guess the 3points are all that matter as is still way too early to judge or predict how we will look in a month or four months time, all i hope for now is that we keep collecting points even when not playing well which as a fact is somewhat encouraging, however gradually improving our game is a must, but this definitely needs time as we are obviously still in a testing/acclimatization period, hopefully not for much longer though.


Apr 16, 2017
Same story as the last few games. Generally scrappy display with some good individual efforts to take us over the line. We created a good amount of opportunities but left ourselves open again a few too many times. We were lucky not to concede another.

Just have to be patient with this side. However, our fullback situation seems like it could be a real problem further into the season.

Rabiot was very error prone but the worry for me was that he doesn't look at all penetrating. He's a big, powerful lad but he doesn't seem to know how to even try to advance the ball.
If we can survive until January then we will buy another fullback. This time a proper one, not those made of glass. I will give you a hint. Hysaj :tup:

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