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May 3, 2012
Not the best game for Rabiot but he could've had a goal if it wasn't for that crazy save (or defender clearance).


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May 5, 2004
Ramsey, Dybala and Rabiot were excellent moving the ball in tight spaces. I hope Rabiot will improve his silly mistakes.
Rabiot still a bit nervous if he is under pressure. I think the pitch is somewhat small, so Rabiot cannot do some run with flair.

Ramsey provided some run and always asking for some through balls, he still have that EPL style, but I see it in a good way, too bad his teammate does not support his run with pretty through ball.

And I can see he expect Higuain can blitz receive fast through past like what he usually doing with Aubameyang or Laccazette. Instead Higuain cannot run and just give up. If that is CR7 maybe the pass can link up

Dybala provide some good link up, nice shoots just too bad he does not get goal(s). If he can get goal it will improve his confidence. One of his through pass to Khedira just firing inches wide, that would be a great goal

I want to see our midfield and attacker passing and attack more confidently, more dynamic

Rabiot and Ramsey offer some nice link up but with Khedira and Matuidi we have more muscle in midfield

I think in easy game we should start with Ramsey and Rabiot, introduce one of Matuidi or Khedira to close the game if we are leading

In tough game it is better start with Khedira and Matuidi, and after the oppenent start tiring, we can introduce Rabiot and/or Ramsey with fresh leg and more attacking flair

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Aug 27, 2010
Win is a win, not the best display but we got 3 points. What is the most positive thing for me is that Sarri actually talks with sense and doesnt make bullshit decisions.
We all wanted Rabiot to start and bashed him for starting Matuidi - well today we could see who was right. Matuidi is atm much better choice for us.
Whats worrying is probably Higuain not beign able to finish his chances, he should have scored at least one goal today.
Dybala had good game imo, which is a positive too.

On the side note - wtf have we done with our fullbacks, I dont have problem with Danilo - I think he is quality, but where is the reserve left back? we cant be serious in trusting in MdS? he is so fragile that he is never available. Sandro needs to rest, you could see dip in his form in this match.


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Feb 29, 2012
no douglas costa or cuadraro on wing? no wingplay.

hopefully pjaca becomes fit to play, or we get orsolini in winter. wee need some wingers
Pjaca id done for us.The only reason why he is still here is that we couldn't find a usable club for him.


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Mar 12, 2019
Dribblings from dybala this season were better than last season. He was more stable and not falling after a second. I loved his combinations yesterday, unfortunately he don't wanted to use his right foot. Maybe we would have seen a beautiful goal from him, if he used his right foot.


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Apr 17, 2019
I saw Dybala dropping deep to collect the ball like Allegri days but this time, he had options around him so he could pass and move. He could've had a number of assists today, his final pass is excellent.

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