[Serie A] Benevento 1-1 Juventus [November 28th, 2020] (3 Viewers)


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May 26, 2016
I’ve been to busy last days to follow everything.

Was it that bad? Did we control the match and missed big chances, or has Inzaghi outsmarted Pirlo? Does anyone have a full match link?
The match was pretty bad. I mean , we controlled possesion as expected but failed to create much. Our play was affected by poor movement , sideways passing without any end product and lack of concentration. Nothing is really "clicking " in our play if that makes sense.

Benevento was happy to barricade their own goal with players as we time and time again failed to penetrate their defence.

One of the few positives was Morata, who continues to bail us out, but he got a red card at the end so he is out for next game.

All in all , very frustrating watch and a forgettable one.

Full Match & Highlights here:


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