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Mar 23, 2015
augello is having a brilliant first half against lazio: he set up the first goal with a beautiful cross straight to quagliarella's head, then scored a screamer from outside the box. quite unexpected as he was meh every time i saw him play.


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Dec 31, 2002
Inter fucking sucks. Why is this rabble considered favourite to win Serie A?

Just shows the current level of this league when a 40 year old Zlatan is absolutely dominating. MLS of Europe.
Because some people want to make Serie A interesting for themselves so they convince themselves Inter finally reached our level...

Even if Inter end up winning this game, I still claim the same.
Inter had the chance of stealing a scudetto when we had Sarri.
I highly doubt even inexperienced Pirlo can do as bad as Sarri.
Unless we dont fuck up we will be celebrating another Scudetto.

That being said - Level of Serie A definitely got better with Atalanta playing exciting football and I must say I was highly impressed by Napoli`s first half against Atalanta (didnt bother to watch the second).
Inter definitely improved under Conte and Milan need to thank both Zlatan Hakan and Pioli for how they rise from the ashes..


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Dec 31, 2002
I didn't mean they will finish above Juve. Just more successful than they should be.

Like last season in which they finished 2nd place.
Oh you mean 2nd place Scudetto :D They`ll probably get it although I wouldnt count out Milan,Atalanta and based on what I have seen from Napoli against Atalanta I`ll add Napoli as well.

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