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May 26, 2009
:lol: Wait, that happened?

Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci is fired up by getting insulted in the dark and punched in the stomach, said his mental coach.

The Italy and Juve centre-back has for years been working with personal motivator Alberto Ferrarini, who also worked with Alberto Gilardino and Francesco Toldo in the past.

“Over the years I took Bonucci into my basement. Underground. In the dark,” wrote Ferrarini on Facebook.

“There, with a tone anything but kind or sweet, I offended him in every way possible. I judged him. I insulted him.

“If he made even the slightest attempt to glance at me, he’d receive a punch straight to the stomach.

“The objective? To win over judgement, so Leo would always be focused and ignore everything else around him. That’s how I started making him into a soldier.”


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Jun 4, 2009
If this was some random hobo I wouldnt give two cents. But we have chief of national television making serious accusation. Person in that position should weigh statements and avoid inflamatory speach. Bc millions of other idiots will take that at face value. Then the same people wonder why is there a growing case of violence at games... Cretin.

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Also the dumb fuck is acting against interest of his station, by promoting foreign league, while indirectly advising people, their viewers, to avoid Serie A. Serie A will always get more coverage on Rai than any of other foreign leagues, so basically he is telling us to switch channel. :lol2: Surely Rai's executive body needs to take action.
Dude. Didn’t the “Forza Roma” make you wonder just a little bit? I can’t take this serious.


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Apr 14, 2013
Trabzonspor finally pay Milan
By Football Italia staff

Milan finally have some good news from FIFA, as Trabzonspor are ordered to pay the outstanding €12m for Juraj Kucka and Jose Sosa.
The deals had been stuck in limbo since the summer of 2017, when the Turkish club bought the Slovakian for €5m and Argentine for €7m.
According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Trabzonspor have finally relented and paid up the missing sum after two warnings from FIFA.
They had been threatened with a block on transfers and heavy fine if they did not fulfil their debts to Milan.



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Sep 13, 2011
Open live thread!! @Mark

To build up to the next round of fixtures after the winter break, we look back at this classic match between Juventus and Chievo from 2011. JUVENTUS 1 Gianluigi Buffon 3 Giorgio Chiellini 15 Andrea Barzagli 6 Fabio Grosso 2 Marco Motta 8 Claudio Marchisio 14 Alberto Aquilani 23 Simone Pepe 27 Milos Krasic - 72' 10 Alessandro Del Piero 32 Alessandro Matri


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Feb 20, 2016
Leonardo: 'Milan will always be Milan. There are teams which can win the Champions League, but they will never be like Milan. I'm sorry for them but it's like that'

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