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Do you know the song "September morn" by Neil Diamond?

  • Yes I do!!

  • Come again?

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Jul 25, 2001
Neil Diamond - September morn

Who here does not know this song?

Had a conversation with Nina the other day, she never heard it before! I can't comprehend that so I have to ask you lot. I mean, if this song is being played in any city or town in the Benelux, everyone will start singing along. What about you?

C'mon, prove me right! There's A LOT at stake here!!!
Jul 12, 2002
I'm on Erik's side for this one. If you've never heard that song, you need to get out of your cave.


Sep 23, 2003
Not nearly as cool as his stuff when he was penning songs for the Monkees, but it scores a kitsch point or two.

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