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Would you bring Giovinco back next season?

  • Yeah, we could use him

  • Nope, get rid of him

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Fuck Djokobitch
Feb 21, 2015
Bonucci back yes. Folks need to stop being butt hurt and grow tf up. He's still a top defender with the prospect of returning to a system in which he thrived. It's simple logic really but folks are more concerned with how he left, why, what he said more than what he did on the field. :andyandbarcelona:
You rebel you!


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Apr 14, 2013

Gio sucked. Juve didn't ruin him. He just wasn't very good. Never had the physical or mental make-up to succeed at the top. Happy for him to succeed in a third rate league. It shows he finally accepted his true level.
ofcourse, he just wasnt good enough, thats all there is to it. people act like hed be WC if he was at barcelona lol

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hes weak af and he was surprisingly slow for a winger

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