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Jul 30, 2004

Sorry but Im that's the truth.:down:

If we don't buy 2-3 new players now(1 midfielder,1-2 defenders) and we continue like that milan will take 2 in a row.:down::down::down:

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Aug 26, 2003
oh my good this can't be true!

at the beginning of the season where we won against Ajax, Roma, Bayern etc.. everyone said we are the best and now after this draw nearly everybody is crying!!

yes we lost 2 Points against Parma ok, that can happen! but lets no forget what the teams has achieved so far!

Also Milan will have their downs again!


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Jun 22, 2004
begining of the year we were the best and the scudetto was ours and now suddenly with the exact same team and still leadin the race we shall forget about it

thats some negative thinkin


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Jul 30, 2004
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    I yes but we could leave Milan behind with 6-7 points and now they are only 2 behind.That means with the next game we draw or lose they go up


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    Jul 12, 2002
    Tassard you should thabnk that your not an Inter fan je,je,je,je,je,je,je :D

    Comeone, don't lose faith, we are Juventus, we are still in the figth, and we can win the Scudetto, think it like this, we maybe have lose the advantege against Milan, but we still depend of still depend of ourselfs, not like Milan that depends f Juventus to win the Scudetto... why? well they need that we tie or lose, and also remember that they can still lose points, so...

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    Aug 27, 2003
    i think juventus is just fine at the moment we faced a strong team parma, i think we can beat livrono in our next match no worries everyone we still have a chance the scudetto still belogs to us and theres no harm in competiton maybe then juventus will fight for it more


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    Mar 16, 2004
    ++ [ originally posted by pecker ] ++
    Two center DM:s in 4-4-2 = Boring and unreliable. :undecide:
    No, it's reliable when you have the right players filling the positions. However, you are right about the boringness of the straight 4-4-2.


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    Oct 3, 2004
    Ya, In Defense its very reliable. But in attack you never know(with these ones i mean). :undecide: We need someone who can give Zlatan good stuff to work with.


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    Jan 31, 2003
    we dont create enough or score enough when we have to. Trezeguet may return and score like hell, but what if he gets injured again?? we dont have enough scorers anymore and we dont create enough.

    when thuram or cannavaro are missing, our defence isnt half as strong either.

    I think Milan is the better team and its only a short time away before they get ahead of us.

    we need a creative midfielder, maybe we already have this in olivera but capello is scared to use him. And we need some future defenders.

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