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Jul 23, 2002
After Talking to Sutnop about half a month ago around the same time I recived the other story on Rome downfall.

He Mentioned his scoutings in Sweden.

Sutnop would first of all like to thank all the people at this forum who tried to help him over a year back to get into the agent buisness.

Last spring He however got in touch with somebody working for a major sponsor for a German bundesliga club and they helped him onboard as a part time scout.

Sutnop is currently employed as a part time scout consultant for a German Bundesliga Club (of which I am by obvious reasons not allowed to mention).

Here is what he had to say

After being sent to Allsvenskan (in July). Much against my wishes but since it is one of the few leagues with a short summer break it was one of the few options aviable. I went there to look at a new wing midfielder or a Striker I came back with some good and bad news.

The Primary Target:
Peter Ijeh (Nigerian born Striker)
Currently playing his second Season for Malmo FF
born in 1977 (According to his passport at least)
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 84kg

Who is out to break the highest ever goal scoring record. Has currently scored 18 goals in 17 games. Was a bit of a dissappoitment. I think that Ijeh is a player who relies a great deal on Chance and as he is currently on form everything seems to be going his way. Ijeh is also a fanatic in his religious belives and celebrates each goal. By Pulling up his shirt with a t-shirt under quoting on of the many famous texts from the bible.

One can say that he is currently taking the Malmo fans to heaven. But almost nobody thought he would produce anything at the beginning of the season.

instead all the fans and the coach belived in the record signing Niclas Skoog and the newly arrived Andreas Yngvesson.

Niclas Skoog a physical striker. Once your everyday goalscorer has since then developed his game and become a multi talented Forward mixing his physical strength with good technique and dribbling skills. Has developed an eye for the game and is currently as good with providing opportunities for his fellow teamates as finishing them off himself. Kind of reminds me of what Gianluca use to be when he played his last season for Juve.

I too believe that it is thanks to Niclas Skoog great eye for the game Peter Ijeh has scored so many goals.
Altough because he is already 28 years of age (born 74) I think the form he is currently playing with is his peak and he would not be able to raise himself either to meet Bundesliga standards.

The same can be said (peak form) about Andreas Yngvesson who could be described as a mix between Doni and Delvecchio. Also being 28 he is not likely to improve a lot.

Another Club the whole of Sweden has been impressed with this season was Landskrona BOIS. Who wear the honorary colors of the black and white stripe!

This club was the Chievio of Sweden a thrid of the games had been played Landskrona BOIS where still ontop.

They played an impressive attacking football with lots of movement and lots of goals.

Their most impressive performances lied in Midfield and Attack.
The Midfield was controlled mainly by Defensive Midfielder and playmaker Jesper Ljung (29 years of age). And their two Wing Midfielders one-armed player Hakan Soderstjerna. And fresh yonugster Alex Farnerud .

Thier Attack by Daneil Nannskoog a once very promising player was called the next Martin Dahlin. But got a bit too much of into the good life and let his football fall behind. HAs however during latter years gotten back to topform finished Swedish Top Goal Scorer in the Second highest Division last year. But at his current age 28 he has got back on the right track a little bit too late. And he has repeated in TV interviews that he never really likes football he just has talent for it. Meaning his loss of forum could be very sudden.

Other Striker is Daniel Milovanovic a 29 year old player who was always considered to be too little skill for allsvenskan. Has however prooved his doubters wrong. Has a long history of long time injuries and a bad knee and is currently Long Time Injured

Back to the Midfield what really impressed me was Landskrona wing players the best in Allsvenskan.

Hakan Soderstjerne a player who a lot of people pity since he is crippled. I however think cripple or no cripple the guy is a hell of a player. He can dribble almost any defender. His experience makes his eye for the game and playamaking abilities very good.
his only negative side is that he sometimes doesn't help out enough in his defensive responsibilities. And that he sometimes makes clumsy challenges and that his finishing skills are lacking.
176 cm
72 kg
born 1975

Alex Farnerud
born 84
height 181cm
weight 73kg

Well I don't really know where to begin. I mean take all thats positive with Soderstjerne, take away a small portion of experience. And add to that talent and the perfect physical attributes. Extremly technical and creative. Is Fast strong good in defense and great in attack. Could adjust to play in almost any league in the world. Has an amazing eye for the game considering his young age (from a winger perspective).
Personally prefers to play in attack, but the Manager won't let him play their for his obvious skills in other departments. Has Dribbled with the best Defenses in Allsvenskan. Great finishing skills can score off free kicks.
Doesn't really have anything negative apart from that he still has little experience. He could be described as a mixture between an 18 year old Brolin and a 20 year old Ljungberg.
But has potenial to become better then both these two.
I think He can become the best Swedish Winger Since
Lennart "Nacka" Skoglund.

is already BEing chased by Feeyenoord and his older brother's club Monaco.
incomparison to his older brother Pontus Farnerud he has the same defensive capabilities and skills (well almost apart from the experience) but far more creative and technical skills.

HE is my Number one Recommendation
Could already be a starter next Season
Approximate Cost
between 150 000€ to 250 000€

I also watched I bunch of other players
Thought to be biggest talent in Allsvenskan Kim Kallstrom
still needs more time to develop. Is still too slow in thought and motion to become a Attacking Playmaker. Very Promising indeed should however stay in Allsvenskan has a excellent tutor in Stefan Rehn. Should remain at the club for at least one more season to develop.

Was disappoited with Both Babis Stefanidis in Djurgarden. Who needs to improve his balance and strength if he wants to have a chance in the future.
And Louay Chanko who was alto of skill but needs to improve his eye for the game and do the right thing at the right time.

Was sorry to see that once great talent Kennedy Bakirisioglu of Hammarby is developing very slowly and will probably dissapear along the heaps of technically talented players. That the top3 Stockholm clubs have wasted (M Aslund, S Touma, C Pacha etc..)

Also met up with young Swedish Talent KC Ibrahim. born in 88 he is only 13 currently at No CLub. Is like a blend between Cafu and Denilson. Is being chased by the Top clubs in Stockholm. I advised him to if he were to stay in Stockholm join Cafe Opera (owned by an Italian Juventus Fan). Or go to Either Boras (Elfsborg) or Halmstad to play for one of their Youth teams.

Since The Top Clubs are very bad at handling technical talent in Sweden.

That is all for me.
thank you-------

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Oct 22, 2001
On the whole I agree with his opinions, perhaps not on Söderstjerna's abilities but still. Farnerud and Källström is the only players currently playing in Allsvenskan to have the potential to make it big in Europe.


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Jul 23, 2002
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    ++ [ originally posted by Rickenbacker2 ] ++
    Wow, Sutnop is really a scout? That's pretty cool.
    Yeah but he is still on PArt-Time
    They are only testing him........

    its a big hierarchy in every club and one can say he is at the bottom of it......

    He has to report to the guy who reports the the cheif scout who reports to the SPorts Director.

    PS. But one thing that is great about his job is getting the best seats (Press Seats) in the stadium for free and having all travel expenses paid for......


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    Aug 1, 2002
    Good luck 2 sutnop, u can always recheck on CM, hehe. wow, a scout thats like my dream job!! hope moggi gives u a call someday!! once again good luck man, make us proud!!


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    Jul 23, 2002
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    there are no really softcore
    its not like an agent where you have to some degree of practical experience

    or a coach/manager where at professional level you must addend the federation's training schools (There by Mancini problems)

    but it varies from country to country

    these are however the most

    I think in the UK one can become a MAnager by no schooling.....

    but education that can help in the footballl buisness.....

    For Managers, Coach and Scout are
    Courses in Psychology and Sociology
    and Course and Sport Psychology.....

    Then its ofcourse your own sound judgement and experience which gives you the best qualifications............

    thus why almost all the top scouts and managers.......
    are either former players
    or very old...............


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    Jul 23, 2002
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    ++ [ originally posted by Rickenbacker2 ] ++
    Hmm... so you're saying that Sutnop must be a pretty exceptional guy to be a scout then.

    well sutnop is very stubborn, ambitous and passionate
    (esp about football)

    don't know about exceptional-.-.....

    I am sure many people here could make
    or are making some contribution to the great world of football.

    Good ways to start is to get out
    and get active.....

    Important Pointers

    Stop watching So much football at your TV.
    Go watch it live and the stadiums
    See everything Division 2/3/4, Juniors, reserves whatever
    your city has to offer...

    try to make plans to see 4games a week live.
    Going to that many games will get you to meet the right people.
    Or get the right people to mee you......

    If you are to watch football on TV watch it at a sports bar. Where you can meet people talk but most imporantly listen.

    Get yourself as close as you can to the boiling point of the football sphere in your town. Then Believe in your self and people will believe in you.....


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    Jul 23, 2002
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    ++ [ originally posted by Rickenbacker2 ] ++
    Don't worry mate, in one year, I will once again be employed in the world of professional football.
    tell me your story

    have you been employed?

    what happend etc.....
    Jul 12, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by Evelyn8 ] ++
    tell me your story

    have you been employed?

    what happend etc.....
    Well, after college I returned to Australia and played in a low level professional league there, which used to be called the bush league. After a year, I signed a contract with a team in southern France in the third division. I played for them for two years, before moving to a lower level Benelux league where I played while getting my graduate education. I returned to France to play for my old team. In the first season, I was the starting keeper, but I was severely injured. I had three surgeries on the ligaments in my knees, and I returned to playing after 6 weeks. I was cleared to play by my doctors, but looking back, I really shouldn't have been on the field. I reinjured the ligaments in both knees, and this time injured more and different ones too. The resulting surgery kept me from walking for 3 months, and it was two years before I could run again. In that time, I just drifted around not really doing anything, but I eventually went back to school again and when I got out, I moved to the United States for the job I have now.

    In the next year, hoepfully, I'll recieve a promotion to head the developement department in France, very near to where my old team plays. Without even knowing this, my old coach called me up one day and offered me a job as a tactical assistant. If all goes as planned, I'll work my way up the coaching ranks and eventually offer my services to Juve. ;)

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