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Dec 31, 2002
Erhhm... Tonali is more of a Gattuso than a Pirlo so.... Tonali is a good player for the defensive phase..
I dont know what he is more but he is for sure some mix of these 2 - Not as great as Gattuso defensively but fights like him while not great as Pirlo in his passing and vision yet he is quite good in both.
If the 35M is indeed his price - We ought to sign him unless we have someone bigger on our mind and we need the money for the other guy..

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Apparently United are interested in Costa.

Imagine we include him in a deal for Pogba :lol:

What a time to be alive and a Juve fan.
I actually like D.C but I realize he is not as effective as fun to watch. That being said you said the magic word in Pogba so you got me drooling..
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