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Mar 3, 2014
IMO Germans have by far the best GKs out there right now. And I don't think there's even one Italian GK that comes close to Gigi at the moment.

And who did you have in mind? Leali? Neto? Pfff.
Meh, I'd probably go Italian if given the choice. Its tough for our goalies to emerge w/o being the chance. That is one of Serie A's issues. I'd have no problem giving a shot to a guy like Perin and seeing what he can do on a big club. Sirigu was able to do it, and I'm sure given the chance one of Leali, Perin, Scuffet, Sportiello, or Bardi could become pretty good.

Remember, we don't want to go full Inter with foreigners. Having a good domestic youth inflow is very important, and giving chances to youngsters needs to happen more.

Clearly with other positions (trequarista), we cannot go domestic b/c Italy only has been producing central midfielders and fullbacks, with the occasional striker, centre back, and keeper. Literally the only attacking midfielder I can think of is Saponara and that's scary (plus his name sounds Japanese).

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