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May 22, 2004
Voetbal: AS Roma vraagt fans om geld
Woensdag 7 Juli 2004

ROME (ANP) - AS Roma heeft de eigen supporters om financiële steun gevraagd. De Italiaanse club zit in de schulden en heeft ongeveer 150 miljoen euro nodig om de financiële huishouding op orde te krijgen.

Op 19 juli controleert een commissie van de Italiaanse voetbalbond de boeken van AS Roma, waarna een besluit valt over het behoud van de licentie. Met een poster van sterspeler Francesco Totti en de bijbehorende leus 'We willen naar de sterren blijven grijpen' heeft AS Roma een heuse campagne voor de eigen aanhang opgezet. ,,De fans zijn nu onze toekomst. We hopen dat ze vertrouwen in ons hebben'', aldus Rosella Sensi, de dochter van clubeigenaar Franco Sensi.

De Romeinse club waarvoor onder anderen oud-Ajacied Chivu speelt, heeft alleen bij de fiscus al een schuld van 113 miljoen euro. AS Roma is sinds 2000 beursgenoteerd.


Football : AS Roma asks his fans for money
Wednesday 7 July 2004

(Rome) - AS Roma has asked his own supporters to help with the financial problems. The Italian club has bills, and they need around the 150 million Euro to set the financial problems to order.

At 19 July the commision of the Italian football controls the papers from AS Roma, and then there comes a desision over the ... (don't know)
With a poster of star player Francesco Totti and the text : ''We want to keep grabbing the starts'' Roma has a campaing for the own club. ''The fans are our future. We hope that they have faith in us'' says Rosella Sensi, the Daughter of clubowner Franco Sensi

The last thing isn't important


Conclusion :
AS Roma can't buy any more players, or they will have more and more bills.
They need to sell players : Totti (!) - Candela - Cassano
They can't afford players like : Mexes - Gilardino - Ferrari

Juventus can, is this a blessing?
It would be stupid from them to buy all those players, because they are likely to end up like Fiorentina.
Next : All players sold at low price, because nobody wants them for much money, orelse the bills are still high.

Juventus can : Buy Gilardino, Mexes, Ferrari, if they want...
Jul 12, 2002
This is troubling. I keep hearing again and again that Roma are in a dire financial situation, but then they are also signing some of the world's best young players. How can both things be true?


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Mar 9, 2004
I sorta hope roma stay in the top flight. Italian football would be pretty bad without roma.

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