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Apr 14, 2013
4 seasons at Juve
9 pages at Juventuz
2 games played
47 minutes played
8 trophies won
best trophy/minute ratio ever

Goodbye legend
Jan 16, 2013
After so many years as a 3rd choice gk the guy can't find a club now.

"Agents and coaches don't take into consideration that I've been training all this time. They only care about whether you played or not. I've trained daily with the best in Italy for 4 years, this should count for something. I made a choice to stay all this time at Juventus. But in the end it has negatively affected my career."

He tried to work out a deal with Spezia to no avail. And is still searching for a club. And said he's hurting from money. He also says nobody gave him a heads up, his contract ran out and he got a phone message from our board saying they were thanking him on so he was left with little time to find another club.

Poor Rubinho :sad: @Bianconero_Aus @zizinho @Jem83 @Ocelot @Post Ironic


Mar 29, 2006
I guess when your contract runs out, you as a player should be concerned the most, especially if your on the fringes like Rubinho. Sorry Rubinho, you thought you were part of the furniture and got lazy.

That said it is sad that no club is offering him a contract based on his starts. Wish him all the best.


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Apr 14, 2013
Its weird that no one wants him, not even a lower league club like Spezia or some Brazilian or MLS club. Everyone knows hes out of contract so i dont think its because his agent sucks. Sad for him really, hopefully someone signs him soon

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