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Killed By Death
May 23, 2010
Sorry for not updating, had a shitty last week.

Deadline Monday January 23.


Round 7

Liverpool v Borussia Dortmund 3-0 (Borussia abandoned)

AC Milan v Napoli 2-4 (Cavani x2, Lavezzi x2, Pato, Ambrosini)

Lyon v Juventus 0-3 (Lyon abandoned)

Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspurs 0-0

Arsenal v Bayern Munich

Barcelona v Manchester City 2-0 (Busquets, Messi)

Real Madrid v Manchester United 2-1 (Ronaldo x2, Hernandez)

Porto v Paris Saint Germain

Round 8

Paris Saint Germain v AC Milan

Juventus v Liverpool 6-0 (Matri x4. Vucinic, Krasic.)

Napoli v Chelsea 1-2 (Drogba x2, Pandev)

Bayern Munich v Lyon 3-0 (lyon abandoned)

Tottenham Hotspurs v Barcelona 4-0 (Bale x2, Van Der Vaart, Adebayor)

Manchester United v Arsenal

Manchester City v Real Madrid 3-1 ( Aguero, Kompany, Nasri, Ronaldo)

Porto v Borussia Dortmund 3-0 (Borussia abandoned)



Killed By Death
May 23, 2010
You can play whatever game Napoli has left from the previous rounds too, if you wish. Deadline is January 23 for all the games.

Also, post your PSN so I can notify the rest of the people. :p

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