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Jul 12, 2002
Take this for what you like..but if it happens its good news for Juve...maybe not for Serie A as a whole but for Juve.

Ronaldo seals shock Real move? Friday 2 August, 2002


Real Madrid and Inter have confirmed that Ronaldo’s agent has “offered the players’ services to the Spanish side”.

According to their official website a clear signal to continue the negotiations on an official level will be made on Monday.

If the player does not attend the Inter squad presentation on August 5 he will pave the way for this extraordinary move.

General director Jorge Valdano made the comments on and will hold a press conference later this evening.

“I had a meeting with Alexandre Martins this afternoon,” explained Valdano, “in which the agent confirmed that Ronaldo wished to leave Inter as his era with the club was finished.”

Real Madrid have long been linked with Il Fenomeno and it was previously suggested that former Inter hero Roberto Carlos acted as a go-between during their 2002 World Cup campaign.

The Nerazzurri have always denied that Ronaldo could be sold despite his return to fitness, but undoubtedly the relationship between star and club is no longer as strong as it once was.

Valdano also confirmed that several months ago Real Madrid and Inter agreed a pact of ‘non-aggression’ with transfer dealings to prevent auctions breaking out over players.

Real President Jorge Valdano has in recent years made one record breaking buy per season, snatching Luis Figo from Barcelona and Zinedine Zidane from Juventus.

Ronaldo would cost in the region of £50m as his contract with Inter will not expire until 2006. He recently agreed a pay-cut, along with teammates Christian Vieri and Alvaro Recoba, as a gesture of thanks to President Massimo Moratti.

However, Real representative Valdano added that even if Ronaldo chooses to leave the San Siro he is by no means certain to wear the Merengues shirt.

“At this moment in time the conditions for a loan or even a buy do not exist,” he told the official Real website. “Our interest in Ronaldo is relative, not a strategy such as with Figo and Zidane.”

Inter made their own official statement late this evening on their website, confirming all of the above.

“We must point out,” read the statement, “that the indiscretion came from a meeting between the Brazilian players’ manager and the Spanish club.”

“The excellent relationship that exists between Real Madrid and Inter allowed for phone contact to be made very quickly and both agreed that this discussion cannot possibly continue with these conditions.”

Tellingly, the statement only points out that Real Madrid will not buy Ronaldo, not denying that the player had offered himself to the Spaniards.

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Dj Juve

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Jul 12, 2002
not really happy. see, im think we can still beat a Inter side with Ronaldo. but imagine having to face Real, with Ronaldo in the CL...


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Jul 12, 2002
Its not good news for SerieA whatsoever as losing Zz and Ronaldo in consecutive seasons is not what i want to see. The only thing saving SerieA as one of the elite is the great peronalities and losing them each year will surely lead to disillusionment from even Italian players and we might see the exodus of top Italian players as well.

Remember theres precious little money going round and the quality seems to be dropping each year


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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by ErikP ] ++
Right. And who's paying this time? The king of Spain? The government? The tax payers? :irritate:
yep, they're all chippin in this time:D


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Jul 12, 2002
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    Actually, the Spanish government is opening up a new mint in the basement of the Bernabeu so Real can just print some money up whenever they need tp buy someone.


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    Dec 31, 2000
    I'm a fan but I have no problems making fun of their clueless press officer Valdano nor their indeed very suspect finances ;)

    YEEEEAAH! Troyes - Monaco 0 - 4!!!! Go Deschamps!! :strong::strong::strong::strong:


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    Jul 17, 2002
    Inter President Massimo Moratti has dubbed the speculation surrounding Ronaldo and Real Madrid “a summer storm.”

    “Until I speak with Ronaldo and hear those words from his own mouth,” he claimed, “I won’t believe this story.”

    The patron spoke ahead of Inter’s friendly match with Sampdoria at Genova’s Luigi Ferraris Stadium on Saturday evening.

    “Every time that Ronaldo goes to Brazil all hell breaks loose,” noted Moratti. “I think all that happened here was an unfortunate and frankly rash announcement from his manager.”

    On Friday evening manager Alexandre Martins met with Real Madrid general director Jorge Valdano and, confirmed the Spanish director, “told me that Ronaldo wished to leave Inter as his era with the club was finished.”

    Moratti did not deny that the agent had made those comments, but played down the significance of that meeting.

    “A football club is like a business,” said the President. “There are disagreements that must be discussed and clarified, first of all on a personal level and then with regards to contracts. The latter is an entirely different matter.”

    Some journalists suggested that this matter resembles Zinedine Zidane’s record-breaking move to Real Madrid last season.

    “No,” noted Moratti, “then Juventus and the player were already in agreement. Inter have no intention of selling Ronaldo.”

    Il Fenomeno is expected to attend the Inter team presentation on Monday morning, although Martins is also believed to have admitted the player will not turn up.

    “This whole affair is just a summer storm,” assured Moratti, “and is therefore destined to blow over quickly. Ronaldo is not for sale.”

    Meanwhile, there are also reports that Real have already booked an insurance policy for the player.

    Due to his history of knee injuries, it would cost the club almost £2.5m per season to insure Ronaldo, but £15m would be provided per year if there were another setback.

    Football Italia


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    Jul 30, 2002
    Someone found an article from Marca and posted this at another forum, which has been translation by babelfish.

    *sigh* Ronnie has confirmed this:



    Ronaldo says to him to the Inter that its future is far from Milan

    The Brazilian forward of the Inter of Milan, Ronaldo, arrived today at Milan where he indicated that its sport future is not in the interista club and that it hopes that all this situation caused by its possible march to Real Madrid is solved soon.

    "we have arrived and first which we have done it has been to go to reunite to us quickly with the administrator-delegated Rinaldo Ghelfi (Moratti is of vacations) and I have confessed him my point of view that is the same one that expressed my agent to him Alexandre Martins to president Moratti three months ago", began the Brazilian.

    Ronaldo was disappointed by the recibimiento of the ' tifosí. "I am in favor sad of its reaction, but I include/understand to them, although I prefer to live this difficult situation that to publicly count the reasons that make me think that my future is far from the Inter", it affirmed.

    The maximum goleador of the World-wide one discarded that it is a money question. "Who knows me truely it knows that the money is not the thing that matters to me more. Respect to this society that is been to my side also at the difficult moments, and I hope that in the next days it is solved positively for me and the Inter ", finalized.

    If Moratti is willing to let him go & Real decides to get him, I just hope he's happy there.



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    Jul 30, 2002
    A better translated version from Soccerage.

    08/06/2002. It was a sad day for Nerazzurri tifosi around the globe as their beloved (and now estranged) superstar Ronaldo released a distressing statement on his offical website,, clearly stating his desire to leave Inter.

    "I have arrived today and I immediately went to speak with the club. I confirmed my point of view and it is the same as the one my agent Alexandre Martins outlined to chairman Moratti three months ago.

    I am very sad for the reaction of the Inter fans, even though I understand their disappointment, but I prefer to live this situation rather than publicly announce the reasons that make me think of a future away from Inter," read the statement.

    Many Inter fans have called Ronaldo a mercenary, but Il Phenomeno says the reasons go beyond monetary ones.

    "Everyone should know that money really isn't the most important thing for me. I will respect the club until the end, as it has always been close to me, even in the most difficult times and I will adhere to my professional duties of my contract, as I have always done, and I hope that in the next days the situation can positively evolve for me and Inter."

    Now it's up to Moratti to decide whether to allow Ronnie to leave the city of Milan, with Real Madrid being his probable destination. However the Spanish club will need to at least get close to the 100 million Euro price tag Inter have reportedly fixed on the world's most coveted number 9.



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    Jul 17, 2002
    I just can't belive how ingrateful this guy is!!
    Inter pay him millions of pounds for several years when he barely touched a football pitch, and now when he starts coming back to form he wants to leave for Real Madrid (probably to win the CL since there seems to be a 50 - 50 chance of that happening)...

    I used to just dislike him because of his ugly appearence, now I loath him for his ingratefulness.

    I understand fully the Inter-fans who feel betrayed, I know if I was one of them I'd really hate the guy.

    If you ask me they should change his nickname from The Phenomenon to The Ingrate.

    I Can't remeber the last time I was this angry at any one footballer.
    Not even when Inzaghi refused to pass Del Piero during the latters goal-drought was I this upset.


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    Jul 23, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by tarmpropp ] ++
    i think it's good, i like the idea of having all the idiots at the same club
    Right On:thumb:

    Real Madrid reprecent

    The 7 Death sins in Football

    if I would be a christian fanatic I would say Perez has struck a pact with the devil......

    Remeber that old Addidas commercial with the predator players facing the Team from Hell

    Well now it has revealed its true colors it is
    Real Madrid:excited:

    It gets the players with the biggest greed, vanity and desire to all play for the same club......

    But You can not build a Masterpiece on a corupt ground
    this will be their downfall......

    My only worry is the increased number of kiddies I see Wearing the
    Jearsey from Hell,,,,,,,,,,

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