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Dec 31, 2000
I could easily have posted this thread on xtratime and seen it flood with a dozen of trolls, Ronaldo die hard fans or otherwise, contesting each other's life important claims. Instead I thought I would post it here, hoping to get outsider views and more objective [hopefully :p] opinions.

To me, Ronaldo has always been the less favorite player. I have been looking for reasons to discredit him for years and it all goes back to ~97 when most of Serie A would take a stand on the DP vs Ronaldo issue. As many Juventini at the time, I of course proclaimed DP was the better player. Be that as it may, I have run out of reasons to discredit Ronaldo any longer.

One of the beliefs that I held earlier was that Ronaldo wasn't such a big deal because he wasn't all that unique. As I witness him flourish at Barcelona, I thought there would be a Ronaldo every 5 years, it was to me a natural point of view at the time. But it was also quite a fallacy. There haven't been a lot of Ronaldo's since that time, not even one.

As I imagine, the most difficult achievement at the highest level is consistency. It's "easy" to be great for a season, or for a couple of seasons. But Ronaldo has been that phenomenon for his entire career. He virtually put the records of Romario and Bebeto at Barcelona to shame, and both of those players finished top scorers in earlier seasons (each scoring 30+ goals, I believe). Now that is not an everyday occurrence, this guy is special. Inter wanted him bad and in Serie A, he adapted very quickly. Upon leaving Inter, he left a heritage of one of the highest goals-per-game ratios in recent league history.

There's nothing that speaks louder to me than substance and Ronaldo is substance alright. Put his skills aside and he delivers, he really does. Everyone knows that he sustained a crippling injury and it kept him out for a really long time but boy has he recuperated. I really didn't believe that a "washed up" Ronaldo with a brief World Cup reneissance could make a difference to Real Madrid. He did, big time. He does. It's not about the World Cup anymore, as I don't see that as the yardstick for greatness anymore. But at club level there are few to match his level. Last year he had 26 goals and sealed many important victories.

Then, of course, his skills. Much of his success is to be attributed to his pace, but even without that he's incredibly complete. His exquisite balance is a cornerstone of his repertoire. He has a lot of moves, only he makes them quicker than everyone else. His ball control is flawless, his awareness is matches only by the best in the business.

Is he one of the greatest players of our era? Is he one of the all time greats?

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Mar 6, 2003
Ill not risk to say the he is one o the all time best players....... but what u said in that paragraph is very ture.

His numbers in every team are just esceptional...and like the great strikers...he always find the way to score (thou almost all his goals are the same :p ) but he scores a lot in that is what matters.

Even now...when he is as fat as a firetsone...he manage to scores with his skills (we must thank god because he is fat.... i just odnt want to imagine him with his old fit).

Most of the people dont like him.. even I, i dont like him...but we have to accept that he is a fenomenon, taking in consideration the amount of achievemtns and goals scored by him.

He is definitely special.


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Jul 12, 2002
Actually I am still waiting for the Ronaldo from 5/6 years ago to reappear or maybe I should say appear.

He has unbelievable skills and there is nothing that can refute that claim. It's just that the Ronaldo everyone fell in love with and praised was the one 5 years ago. I really don't think he will ever be that again. He is above average at the moment but back then he was way above average.


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Oct 2, 2003
IMO Ronaldo is the best striker in the world generally,I dont and will never like him,but to deny that he is an all time great is a little harsh.


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Jul 28, 2003

but, you feel that 97's ronaldo is different than today's ronaldo.. you think that they are two different players.. both are still great though.. but, 97's ronaldo is greater..

I don't like him by the way.. that's why I stopped supporting Real madrid and started supporting Barca.. another reason for me to support Barca is davids.. :cool:


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Jul 12, 2002
the dribbling bit has been lacking ever since his injury but looking at him as a whole i would say yes he deserves to be a great of this era,possibly good enough to be one a great of all time.
Sep 28, 2002
if, lets say, gerd muller is all time great, so will be ronaldo. if all times greats are just pele, maradona, eusebio, cruyff, platini and beckenbauer then no, he wont be one of those.


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Jan 20, 2004
Hey i have to say I am a ronaldo and always will be and I think to doubt him as a all-time great is a joke, and to see the way he came in the world cup becomng top scorer,after everyone said he was finished was great. Ok now he may have lost some pace but hey he still scores goals and that is what he is paid to do.

Forza milan


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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by K10 ] ++
Actually I am still waiting for the Ronaldo from 5/6 years ago to reappear or maybe I should say appear.

He has unbelievable skills and there is nothing that can refute that claim. It's just that the Ronaldo everyone fell in love with and praised was the one 5 years ago. I really don't think he will ever be that again. He is above average at the moment but back then he was way above average.
Thats never gonna happen as you cannot break or damage your knee 3 times in your career, once at Psv and twice at Inter and not suffer seriously from it.
Yes for me he is already an all time great, okay he does fook all when it comes to contributing to actual build up but when it comes to scoring decisive goals then he has beeen quite simply brilliant and thats why I get surprised when ppl are questioning his nominations

To come to Real Madrid and completely outshine Raul in the scoring stakes though that has got do do with the fact that Real Madrid now play to Ronni'es strenghts more that they do to Raul, is quite brilliant


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Apr 22, 2003
Ronaldo's definitely special. His skills, finishing and pace are deadly, and imagine how much more dangerous he'd be if he lost those extra pounds :scared:

It's sad that the dribbling has dropped dramatically, because it was an awesome sight to watch.

Ron doesn't deserve the criticism he receives a lot of the time, because he gives his best and he can deliver when called upon.

IMO he'll be remembered as an all-time great, definitely one of the players to mark this generation of footballers


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Jul 25, 2001
I remember my family and I would always look in silence and admiration at Ronaldo whenever we watched PSV. There was something about him, something magical. The way he moved across the pitch, the way he played the ball ... as if his shoes were made of silk, I swear! His goals were fabulous and many, his first knee injury in Eindhoven (a very serious injury, might I add) barely affected his play.

Then he left and I lost track of him to tell you the truth. It wasn't until in the new milennium when I started following Juventus more and more when I heard his name called in an Inter line-up. I only then realised that the Ronaldo I had heared Inter tifosi about was the same player I so admired when he was still at PSV.

The first time I saw him again after many years were quite the disappointment. He seemed to have changed, but not for the better. He had lost his flair. He was still good, don't get me wrong, but ... different.

He's a great player, anyone who claims otherwise doesn't know football. Would I say he's as good as say ... Van Basten? No, but he comes close.

Nowadays you'll find me making negative comments about him. That's largely caused by disillusionment. Disappointment.
Jul 12, 2002
All time great? No. Current great? No. Spectacularly advertised media whore? Yes. The first player ever built by Nike? Yes.


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Aug 28, 2002
One of the gratest of last years, surely.
And also one of the gratest in general, yes... he is already a soccer legend.
In some cases he was pusced also from media and sponsor, like (4 example) I don't think he deserved at 100% his Golden Ball number 2 but we cannot deny he is one of the few legedens who came out in this era...


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Jan 24, 2003
He's probably the best natural striker I've ever seen play.

His injury problems are a shame as it's robbed us of the chance to see a striker potentially as good as Pele at work, but he's still amoung the best players of this generation, and will certainly take his place as a footballing legend in years to come.

Sure, he's hyped by his sponsors, but, despite the fact that he's unlikely to ever do an ad for L'Oriel, he's worth it. :)

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