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Mar 10, 2009
So Ronaldinho retired today. Easily the most talented player I've ever seen. Shame partying and nonsense got to his head, otherwise he could have gone on for another decade.

Mar 10, 2009
Perfect quote here:

Majestic player. I remember reading a quote from a manager recalling a very young Ronaldinho as being "a technical monster", which seems fairly apt.
For all Messi's brilliance, there's an efficiency to it - he does what he needs to in order to beat the man & score the goal. Ronaldinho beat the man impudently, then scored the goal in a way that left the jaw firmly dropped.
If Messi makes the impossible look easy, Ronaldinho made the impossible look... still impossible, just not to him.
Zidane was more balletic, Cronaldo more lethal, Messi more consistent, Maradona more inspirational...
I'm not sure anyone was more brilliant.


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Jul 26, 2007
Ronaldinho reminded me of a futsal player, able to exploit the smallest of spaces, the ball always glued to his feet. Too bad I never got to see him live, always wanted to


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Aug 29, 2010
Messi is good at running very fast, able to turn seemingly unrealistic angles with very very close ballcontroll. And that is pretty much where it ends. Mind you, it makes him quite the lethal player cause no one can do it removely as good and efficient.

He's the perfect embodyment of a fifa player. There is little trickery involved. Just pure physics. running and turning. And pinpoint shooting and passing.

What the fucking shit is it with calling him 'brilliant' ??

Messi : give him the ball, pause the game, you get 360° angle . You can pretty much draw a running path he'll run at, and if you played enough fifa, you'll mostly have it.
In todays dogshit crap defences, thats rather extremely effective.
A poor records against italian teams. Cause good organisation blocks most of it, with players difficult to get past. If he cant go on counters, he wont do all that much.

Ronaldinho : set up your defence. Put the players. He gets the ball. He'll do something no one would come up with in terms of feint, dribble or trick. Your defence is wrongfooted and wide open.

Same with Ronaldo9 who was even better in his (short) peak. Ronaldinho had more tricks in term of passing. Ronaldo had much more efficient dribbeling and burst+top speed. Ronaldinho could be caught back, Ronaldo9 was 30m away before you turned around.

Zidane is similar in these ways. Able to unsettle a great organisation by pulling the unthinkable.

Messi and christiano ronaldo will score ALOT more goals. But if you are facing a worldclass organisation, give me zidane, ronaldinho or ronaldo any day of the week.


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Nov 9, 2006
the most skillfull player ever. and no one dominated the field in that manner. in his best day he could be a difference maker against any opposition. he was a true carry.
Mar 10, 2009
Barcelona owe a lot to this guy, it was he who set their foundation for the "Messi era."

He was good for AC Milan in 2010 season, but Barcelona Ronaldinho was ridiculous.


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Sep 16, 2003
The type of player where YouTube compilation videos don't even do him justice.

A player where even if he was playing against your team, you just had to shake your head and chuckle as a sign of respect when he went through your team like a hot knife through butter

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